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In kabbalah, it's believed that body has nothing to do with the feeling of "I"?

I don’t agree that our body has no association with our spirit, soul, mind, or I.


  1. answer: are you referring to Hollywood/New Age Kabbalah or traditional Kabbalah? Kabbalah is the study of the Torah through Jewish mysticism and Judaism has never taught that the body is separate from the body, that’s more in common with Buddhism.
    If I’m wrong, my learned Jewish friends will correct me.

  2. that’s interesting i don’t know anything about kabbalah, i think that all we are is our bodies but some people insist there must be something more for some reason.

  3. Kabbalah is Jewish mysticism. It involves a particular way of reading and interpreting the Torah.
    It has nothing to do with what Madonna and other celebs keep banging on about. She doensn’t study genuine Kabbalah.
    I don’t know what you are studying and I’m not knowledgeable enough about Kabbalah to fully answer your post. I’ve starred it for my fellow Jews. There is also a book ‘Kabbalah For Dummies’ by Arthur Kurzweil; but before reading it first read his other book ‘Torah For Dummies’.
    There is also, I think, material on Kabbalah at http://www.jewfaq.org/

  4. There isn’t a single Kabbalah statement that is that simple. It’s a very complex study. Even those well versed in Torah may choose to wait to study it because it’s that hard to understand.

  5. Not to agree is part of how we investigate and make discoveries. If you examine everything thoroughly, eventually you will come to the real picture and that is part of the study of the system which we live in.
    Kabbalah is a practical method that teaches us how to investigate and feel and know reality. By the study of Kabbalistic texts, work in a group, and guidance of a teacher, a person gradually discovers that our true “I” is the eternal soul of man and the complete revelation of the Creator in that. Our existence here in this world is a means to realize our fullest potential in opposition to spiritual qualities and to rise above our limited, enclosed ego.
    The kabbalistic definition of body is “desire”. The Creator is defined as the light which fills it. Our physical body and the perceptions that we have through our five senses are purposeful for the time that we learn about the fallacy of self fulfillment and when it is finally realized, then we begin, like newborn babies born in a whole new world, to learn about about giving and love as spiritual qualities, and gradually grow and learn in such a way that the larger eternal reality that surrounds us emerges in the perception and feelings of the person.
    Here is an introduction to the concepts and method of Kabbalah:
    For free classes follow the link at the bottom of this music video descripton of human evolution toward our true purpose:


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