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in how many ways are Mandrake involved in and out of Magick and religions?

Yes, it’s in the Bible…but you must say where. Shape takes part in Magick.
Is there a connection to Vodou? (For tiebreaker)
Hint: Genesis 30.14-15
Hint 2: Philtres — what kind?


  1. ok, i don’t know how many ways they tie together, or where it’s in the bible,
    but I do know the relation to Vodou.
    the root is shaped like a human body, which makes it useful for all sorts of sympathetic magic, such as curses,and spells of protection or healing.
    you could say it’s nature’s voodoo doll/poppet

  2. I don’t know where in the Bible it mentions it, sadly, but I do know it IS mentioned. I cannot remember in which context, either. Someone else beat me to it but mandrake root does resemble a human body which is why it is used in magick and in the Voodoo / Voudon religion. I personally loved what JK Rowling did with it in her Harry Potter books with Herbology and the “scream” of the baby mandrake causing poor Neville to pass out. 🙂


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