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In Heroes, are the powers related to the type of life they have?

Such as Matt Parkman’s telepathy is stemmed from his dsylexia. Are there other characters who’s abilities are related to the type of stress or traumas they experience?


  1. I don’t think that the powers relate directly on the types of lives that the characters have. I think that its mostly coincidental, such as Matt’s power and his dyslexia. I think its more like that the people with powers learn to use their powers to help them in their everyday lives.

  2. That certainly seemed to be the case, at least in season 1. Gabriel Gray was a watchmaker who understood how things work. Peter Petrelli was a hospice nurse and an empath. Niki Sanders felt helpless and developed strength. Nathan Petrelli was a former pilot who could fly. But they seemed to drop this idea in later seasons – they now seem to be looking for powers that are just cool.

  3. No, For the most part the powers are hereditary. In the cases where the powers do not appear to be hereditary the heroes or the heroes parents seem to have been altered.
    Parkman’s father was a telepath as well.
    Sylar’s father was a predator of powers as well.
    Peter’s father could take powers from others.
    Nathan’s powers were manufactured as were Tracy’s, Nikki’s, Mohinder’s, Ando’s and who knows who else.
    I think it has already been explained by Angela that sometimes powers skip a generation or a sibling.
    Daphne was interesting in that her speed ability did come to her curing her disability.
    But Micah’s powers come out of thin air, not related to either parent or any need to tinker. Same goes for Claire not needing her power.
    I will say that what you are saying seems to makes some sense but I think the point of the show is the power chooses the person and not the person choosing the power at least not for the most part. that is what makes Sylar and Peter so unique to the show. they can choose their powers.

  4. There are still things that are a mystery in the heroes universe and in the current season (Season 4) you realize that there is more that needs to be uncovered. So it may be tied it, it makes sense if you think about it concerning Dafnee,Nathan,Hiro,and some more. I don’t want to spoil anything by explaining why but you will see what i mean if you watch the past seasons.


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