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In genesis it says a sleep fell upon Adam,but nowhere does it mention Adam awakening.?

Is it possible man is still in that spiritual sleep state?Is it possible Jesus was trying to awaken us?Maybe this is the truth that will set us free?


  1. The Bible doesn’t mention Adam bathing or going to the bathroom either, but we assume that he did both.
    Don’t try to reach too far.

  2. I kinda think you’re reaching, there. I mean, OK, the concept of spiritual sleep is important in Occult contexts to explain why the masses of humanity are not privy to the secret doctrines of whatever sect is doing the doctrining. But the Genesis reference, as I recall, comes from God knocking out Adam to perform a little spiritual surgery so he can get the spare parts necessary to make Eve. (I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong.)
    In any case, in such a compact narrative as Genesis, some non-critical business is bound to end up on the cutting room floor. I think, in this case, within the context of the story, Adam waking up can be assumed.
    But, feel free to read any other meaning you’d like into it. That’s kinda what Bibles and the like are for.

  3. I understand but as someone else said don’t dig too deep if the bible was written in that kind of detail of sleeping and awaking it would be millions of pages long. Adam said “This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.” He had to have been awake to say this

  4. I think you’re falling into the trap of looking for too much meaning in a Bible verse.
    Surely, if we were supposed to understand Pre-Christian history and non-Christian society as man being in a “spiritual sleep state,” then surely it could be said directly, couldn’t it?


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