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In Feng Shui, is it okay to have your bed parallel to the bedroom window?

I just started to become interested in Feng Shui. I plan to get a book about this subject because I know very little. I thought I heard that if you put your bed parallel to the bedroom window that all of your positive energy will go out the window while you sleep? Is this true? I’ve had my bed like this for years and my life has sucked. Also, I have a couch that somebody gave me. I also read that you shouldn’t take furniture from anyone because of all their negativity could be brought into your home. Is it okay to accept secondhand if you really need something?
I live in an apartment building. The layout of the bedroom is pretty cookie cutter and standard. There is just a parking lot outside the window. I am in a bottom floor/basement apt.


  1. Parallel to the window is ok – but never UNDER the window. Or so I’ve been taught.
    There’s supposed to be something you can do to balance out negative energies from “used” furniture, etc. You really should get a good, comprehensive book. (Not the “for dummies” kind)

  2. In terms of the couch, it’s fine to accept second hand furniture – if you are concerned about the energy of the couch, you can leave it outside at first, and have a shaman or energy healer do a ceremony on it to clear it – kind of like formatting a hard disk.
    In regard to the bed and window – that’s a more complex question. A lot depends on the geography of the area – are there mountains outside, an ocean, a river, a lake?
    Another factor is the building – do you have a house on a lot, a duplex, an apartment building?
    A master will take all of these factors into consideration in assessing the flow of energy in your space.
    Often, it’s beneficial to sleep with your head to the north, but sometimes that might vary based on your physiology and location.
    Your best bet might be to just experiment with your situation and assess how you feel with different configurations.
    Good luck!

  3. Feng shui is not real… that is to say, there is no science involved. People just sorta made it up. They have done studies where they take “feng shui” experts and had them comment on the same structures, with totally different opinions, some of them openly contradicting one another.
    Pretty much, design and order your house/apartment/room to your own preference; according to whatever good reasons come to mind. It is interesting to ask what other people may think, but it is not something you are always going to get a cohesive answer from; that is to say, there is no “right” or “wrong” in feng shui, it’s just subjective interpretation.

  4. Avoid sleeping with your head close to a window as your chi will dissipate through the window and make you feel more tired on awakening
    On entering your bedroom, note where the windows are located. Chi tends to travel between the door and any windows, so avoid positioning your bed in line with this ‘draught’ of chi.
    Check this site out you will find it really helpfull..peace Misty~*

  5. I’ve read a little about feng shui and came to the conclusion that you should move things around until it “feels” right. If you have dead plants, clutter and pillows you hate, you won’t be happy. If the lighting is bad, you won’t feel comfortable. As for the negativity thing, how valid could that be if antiques are so popular?

  6. door and windows , light and tv, is the active part of your room
    avoid placing bed near / too close to them, as you need steady subtle and gentle flow…..
    energy can be clensed,,,,, a sun ray is a natural way to clean a negative energy,,
    it may be not the negative energy, but surely some germ that resides there needs to be terminated….
    a base ment is not the best room, since the energy is like water, your place can be overflowed, and need some extra vent and sun ray to managed them all

  7. bed parallel to the window is okay. the thing about window and bed is that you do not want to have a window as a headboard or your headboard against it, because this is known to have an effect that other people backstab you, and you do not have that solid support for your decisions in life, making you weak. and sometimes when a windows is too big and your feet is pointing through it, it is similar to a bed with a door either on the head or the foot, it is like a coffin ready to be buried, or in chinese, death… not good at all!
    in fengshui, the main emphasis of the bedroom is location (in relation to the center of the house), and direction (of the bed, your foot must point to your favorable direction while you are lying down). this is based on the concept of 8 mansions in fengshui.
    8 mansions is based on your birthdate, and a kua is calculated. based on this kua, you end up with 4 good directions/ locations and 4 bad ones. it is different for all people, but there is a book by lillian too that simplifies this.
    but mere good fengshui for the bedroom/ bed cannot change your life.
    if you like to change your life, try to move houses… this is good if you are just renting a place. if in 3 to 6 months, your life does not change, then it means that the fengshui of the house is not good for you.
    the fengshui of the house is based on its door and when you moved into (or first use) the house (flying star). again there is a calculation for this. the shortcut is to get a fengshui auditor or master to do the calculations for you, so you can renew and/or correct the fengshui of your house. long cut is to move from one house to the next, trial and error.


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