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In Doctor Who, is this what the Sontaran clone of Martha Jones should really have looked like?

Follow link to see picture
Very interesting observation from Handsome. I hadn’t thought about that before, but it’s a very good point.
Some great answers from others. monkeymanelvis’s answer especially had me laughing for about half an hour.


  1. No way!!!
    If that happened there was no way she could have infiltrated UNIT. Who would take information from a over-sized potato.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA. She looks hilarious!
    If Martha was a Sontaran then that is what she would look like. Since she’s human they made her clone look like a human.
    I can barley tell the differnece between her as a Sontaran and her as a human 🙂 No, I’m kidding. Angeyman is beautiful

  3. Ahh, poor Martha! Give her a break! I thought she was a brilliant companion for the Doctor. She and Donna should be permanent fixtures on the show – forget about Rose!!!

  4. While one part of my brain is amused by the picture the dark side of me still would like to see her probic vent…

  5. Now I think Martha Jones is the greatest, but even I have to say that that is just too hilarious for words!! LOL!!!

  6. Absolutely Brilliant !!
    Notice we’ve had bald aliens reproducing themselves thro humankind in every episode of series 4; in some, the aliens turn on their creator…and a kidnapping or capture in all but last weeks.
    Do you think the Donna meets Doctor mime scene from episode 1 could be a visual metaphor for the Sontaran Strategem ? Doc and Donna seperated, tryng to communicate while inbetween there’s a tied up Martha look-a-like.


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