Home Discussion Forum In consciousness alone, is there a way to tell male from female?

In consciousness alone, is there a way to tell male from female?

Sorry if I’m offending any transsexuals here but really, if we didn’t have bodies and were consciousness alone, would there be a way to tell?


  1. I don’t believe so, like if we never made contact with any other human we wouldn’t know the difference between male and female.

  2. Consciousness is the ability to realize that you exist and analyze your existence. Part of that realization is understanding how your gender affects your life. If you are conscious of your gender and its implications, then it has left a mark on your “consciousness”. Transsexuals are doubly aware of this fact because they find their personality at odds with their physicality. This forces them to be better at self analysis as far as gender is concerned.

  3. Sort of, they (scientists) did tests on a gay male’s brain, a gay female then straight male and female. The pleasure center is in different places.
    Although “hi, nice brain?”

  4. There’s a part of the brain that is smaller and denser in men, open and less dense in women.
    Consciousness is basically your thinking. You are not your brain, you are your thinking. Only in thought do we all exist.

  5. Consciousness is a consequence of brain activity. The brains of men and women are different, thus our consciousnesses are different.
    In women, the brain hemispheres are more connected and the amount of white matter is greater than the amount of gray matter. This makes women more adept in communication and verbal skills, in multitasking, and utilizing their emotions to analyze situations and people.
    In men, the brain hemispheres are less connected, and the amount of gray matter is greater than the amount of white matter. This makes men more adept at visual-spatial skills, more able to focus on a single thought, and utilizing logic to analyze situations and people.
    The most probably explanation for this differentiation is that early in our evolution, natural selection favored males that were physically skilled, able to fight, throw, maneuver, avoid obstacles, and focus on targets to the exclusion of all other things, especially their feelings and emotions. Likewise, natural selection favored females who were good at cooperating, working collectively, doing many things at once, including activities that required fine dexterity, and sensing the intents and needs of others via their emotional sensitivity.
    Many of these attributes would remain if we were simply the disembodied consciousness produced by our brains.


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