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In Christianity, where is the line drawn as far as meditating goes? (Intelligent answers only please)?

Hello, I’m 16 years old and have recently been experiencing some anxiety issues and my curiosity led me to become interested in meditation. I found a cheap book called “The Meditation Bible” at a store nearby. Its basically a big compilation of meditations fro various religions. In the book it says that meditation can is not religion-specific, and you can meditate to any deity (Including the Christian God or Jesus). This means I don’t have to be Buddhist or Hindu to meditate.
To my surprise I learned that meditation was really nothing more than deep thought and self-realization.

Now my question is, in Catholic Christianity, is this wrong? I don’t see why it would be, but I feel like there’s got to be some kind of lame “fine-print” thing involved thrown in by the church to limit what we do. I just don’t know what those limitations are..

If I meditate, I may eventually wonder about Chi and Chakra. If I believe in those things, then I’m more likely to wonder about the possibility of Enlightenment or reincarnation. And if I do that, I’m basically a Buddhist.

I really don’t know where my limits are, so I’m wondering if anyone with a good knowledge of all of this could fill me in? Also, what about things such as Zen Gardens?

**The way I feel is if it can help me become a better person with a healthier mind and spirit, why not do it? I just don’t want to put my creed at risk in doing so.**


  • I went through this.

    A question to ponder: What use is a belief system that collapses the moment you start exploring its edges?

    Maybe you’ll discover the edges are a lot further off than you thought though. The Bible happens to describe the chakra system in Zechariah 4 for example – why would it do that…? Maybe you don’t have to worry. Happy meditating.

  • In the scriptures it states that the Lord speaks to us by a soft answer sometimes by a burning in the bosom. In order to learn the Lord’s gospel we must pray and listen for an answer. Listening is a form of meditation. It is not easy to meditate. You need to get to the point to quite the mind. Read the scriptures on a daily basis this is where truth is. The scriptures are the Lord’s word to us. When you start thinking about reincarnation is this in the scriptures that we are born over and over until we understand and reach enlightenmentnt? I do not think so. In the scriptures it states that we will go to paradise and then there is judgement day and then we will live with our Heavenly Father.
    Read C S Lewis we learn alot about christianity through thinking and meditataion. Alot of churches use loud music but they are missing the whisperings of the Holy Ghost.

  • I believe meditation is a way to level your mind and clear your mind. Meditation is not confined to Buddhism – it is also practiced by Sufis (Islamic denomination) and other religious groups.

    I personally find it very calming. There is nothing against meditation in the Bible. In fact, I would not be surprised if Jesus did it often.

  • For me meditating is just to relax and like you said, self-realization. just do it to block out negitive thoughts mainly. I think you have to draw the line your self. You will no when you are pushing the limits. Just be smart and dont get meditateing mixed up with being buddhist.

  • No, your religion does not inhibit meditation.
    Even if it did, you should probably learn to make decisions for your self, based on what you think and what you want to do, rather than by what your religion says.

  • No, it’s not. Catholicism doesn’t consider meditation wrong.
    The Rosary itself is a meditation tool

  • If you believe in your specific God and preach that it’s the truth, you’re irrational. Case closed? I don’t see why people wonder about what works conflicts with their beliefs, when contradictions are everywhere in their doctrines.

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