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In Chicago. QiGong Master offers an "emotional liposuction", consists in moving blocked energy in ur body

He pocks you with his fingers in the right point, as in acupuncture, and releases emotional blockings caused by anger, abandonment, bitterness, between others. Everything sounds so good, but he charges $250.00, just one time and your are totally “cured”, but this price is waaaaay beyond my workers-comp-little-income. Can somebody recomend something similar, maybe an acupuncturist who balances or cures chi, but a more affordable price?


  1. I think it’s sick that people are trying to gouge your meager income in order to “rebalance your chi” or whatever. You should spend the money on healthy food or something to help your recovery.
    I don’t believe in chi but I’m sure some website on the internet will tell you how to improve it yourself or with a friend for free.

  2. Hello Lilia,
    You have presented an interesting concept from QiGong Master. I apologize for not being familiar with it. However, I do have a deep interest in alternative medicines, which seems to be what you are seeking for help. If you find types of alternative healing fascinating, then I would highly recommend http://www.doingverywell.com

  3. One of the unfortunate things about Chi Gung is that there are no real standards in place, which includes for someone being a master. Simply put, if someone wants to proclaim themselves as a master, people will associate the image of a Chinese master with that person and follow them regardless of if they are competent. I happened to grow up around one the few “living masters” (due to being very lucky), and I ended up loosing track of the number of times where I saw someone claiming to be “a master” go and do things that any real student would have learned were bad within the first few years. Unfortunately most of the best people have no desire to market themselves (whereas the self proclaimed do) and hence this entire thing is a very common problem.
    In regards to the case you’re illustrating here, there are a couple different things which ring my “this guy is a BS artist alarm bells,” and I would assume that is the case.
    If he’s doing the technique I think he is, it will have a minor affect on the person, and make them feel a jolt of energy (and maybe an emotion pass), but it’s pretty much useless for actually fixing energetic blockages.
    In the entire domain of Chinese medicine, there are a variety of approaches to dealing with mental illness. Most of the deep mental problems are regulated to meditiation (which is completely unknown in the west), while other emotional problems if they arise from a physical cause (ie. problems in liver system) are dealt with by fixing the organ which causes the problem.
    Hence, it really depends on exactly what is wrong with you and how well you want to fix it. Accupuncture can deal with a lot of potential problems, but it requires a skilled accupuncturist (as most primarily just know how to deal with pain), so it’s not really the best approach.
    Alternately, you could start practicing chi gung or meditation. Meditation is a bit difficult since it’s nearly impossible to get access to a good teacher for it, but there are 2 chi gung systems which tend to do a lot of for these things which are easy enough to learn and the information exists for (those being “dragon and tiger medical chi gung” and “opening the energy gates”) there are a few others that work too, but they have a way higher learning threshold before you get results.
    Besides that, if you have any desire to learn more about Chinese Medicine, message me. There are certain things within the field which I am clueless about, but if it’s not one of those categories I can probably be of assistance. I also wrote a really long research paper as a senior term paper in college and I’ve been giving it away to people who thought it could help them.
    Hope that helps!


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