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In Buddhism: While I was praying to Buddha in my head in front of his statue?

I accidentally told him, “I offer my love for music to you.” But I didn’t really mean to say that.
So is it possible that he took away my love for music, and I don’t have it anymore right now?


  1. lol
    Have you ever heard this koan: “If you see the Buddha passing by you on a road, kill him!” ? I think this applies here. Don’t take/receive that from his/your a s s! Get your/his love of music back!

  2. Sounds like you didn’t have much of an idea what Buddhism entails in the first place. He’s a figure to emulate, not worship in a western sense.

  3. You have every right to pray to Buddha as most Asians and many Tibetans do and this nonsense of “kill the Buddha” is a very racist American take on an old Indian religion. If you offer your love of music to Buddha it will only get better — Buddha will not take it away from you so do not worry.

  4. After you misspoke did you bring your palm up to your forehead forcefully? Then you know the sound of one hand clapping. If your question was asked seriously, what would the Buddha need with your love of music? He has his own. If you don’t have it anymore then just ask for it back. I’m sure he understands it was an accident and he wouldn’t want you to suffer.

  5. By offerings the best of what you can give, including your true love, your desires, devotion, abilities and of your talents in Buddhism will produce a lot of merits for you.
    As Buddhas have infinite merits and fortune, they have no need for any of your world desires, but such actions of giving will produce a lasting connection of you to the Buddha of your devotion, and also every Buddha of the Universe, and such will bear fruit for your own enlightenment one day in the future.
    Now that you have given your love for music, which is in a way a type of Renouncement, one of the Six Paraparamita (Activities of Perfection); not only will your love of music not be diminished, but the Buddhas will reciprocate by giving you the gift of talent of Music or even increase your ability of it.
    In Tantrayana Buddhism, whether it is the Tibetan Tantra, Chinese Tantra, Japanese Tantra or Tentai Tantra, praying to Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Meditational Deities and Spiritual Protectors are part of the regular practices. As also apply to other Buddhist’s Yanas, whether it is Hinayana and Mahayana.
    But realizing in the end, in all different sects of Buddhism, it is the inner Buddha we try to discover for ourselves and not the external Buddhas we are seeking, (in case of Hinayana- it would be the Arahant- one of the ten names of Buddha). Therefore, the Buddhism is the inner path, and all the other religions are the outer paths, (Buddhism seeking within, not rely on an eternal entity or entities like all other religions.)
    Although, the eternal living Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, seeing our ignorance and suffering will still try to lend a hand when conditions allowed; And due to their infinite compassion for all sentient beings, when praying to Buddhas or Bodhisattvas, many times we will received the results of our prayers, even though we don’t worship them like all the other religions.
    And the prayers to Buddhas are much like a son or daughter to parents, or student to a teacher, or younger siblings to the older brothers or sisters, asking for favors; unlike other religions that act like you are a servant to his master, a subject to his King, and a nobody begging an Omnipotent entity for some charities.
    In Buddhism, there are Inner Disciples, Disciples, Practitioners, Students, Followers, On-Lookers, book Buddhists and don’t know what you would call it; and the teachings are given according to your classifications, devotions, intelligent levels and sincerity; by lack one or more will land you in spot of followers or worst, where teachers will only teach you bare minimum to stay connected to Buddhism.
    That is why you have so call Buddhist that quoted this koan: “If you see the Buddha passing by you on a road, kill him! Not knowing this quote was from an Enlightened Master to his disciples on the inner teachings of meditation, because of his disciples’ encountered with Mara (devils, demons or evil spirits) and caused many disruptions to their practices.
    And this is but one of many on-lookers’ confusions, and only if you willing to devote all of your energy, then will you encounter a teacher that will give you some hints.
    Vinslave: you have another twenty years of learning before you are qualified to argue with me, but only when you can walk into any Lienage holders and the top senior Khenchens of your own lineage anytime.

  6. The Buddha isn’t some omnipotent being who goes running around w/ thunderbolts and instant death for something anybody says. He can’t “take” anything away, and other than his teachings, he can’t give you anything either.
    You don’t pray to the Buddha either. When one makes such offerings, it is about teaching YOURSELF how to be generous. You just might not be ready to be that generous. There’s a teaching that you learn to give things from one hand to your other, then progress from there. No need to hammer yourself over the head with this. The Buddha understands quite well, that’s why he taught so much as he did.

  7. Kurvine, you asked again.
    Again, you did not pray.
    Again, you have not offered anything.
    Again, what is possible and not possible is within your mind and only your mind.
    Stbb, your ‘argument’ with Vinslave is also an illusion.
    If one argues, one is already on the wrong path.

  8. Being Ignorance one take a Buddha statue to be buddha, Such are the ignorance of human for not realizing that the statue is just representation of the former existence of the enlightened one.
    To cast insult will only signify the complete ignorance on human for not being able to learn the profound knowledge of the buddha’s dharma for benefiting mankind.
    Like wise it would be foolish for people of other faith to kneel before a cross or statue of Jesus or paying respect to a buddha image would suddenly turn them into a fool.
    BEST for any human is to acquire sufficient knowledge and understanding, before one engage oneself to say uncalled for remarks that sufficiently reflect oneself. LOOK INTO A MIRROR that is what a person is? Thank You Please try to understand yourself before you need to say something unpleasant to others.

  9. Offering is a gesture, a meaningful one, but when you offer to Buddha it can just mean that your music is a wish from your heart for something good, for the benefit of others. It’s actually very nice and cool.
    You are the only one who can give up or give away your music. I don’t believe that this is what you intended or did.
    Relax. Offerings are ok and good. This was a positive thing you did. Don’t let your ordinary mind freak you out! It’s just possible your music could improve from this moment on… ever think of that? I know a nun in Nepal who sings and supports many other nuns with her music. She was on the top ten in Asia. She tours singing and making music…. She is a Buddhist nun. Point being… if Buddha wouldn’t take music away from a Buddhist nun.. why would it be taken away from you? It’s not logical.
    Your fine.

  10. The first thing you should understand is that according to Buddha you are the only one who can control your desires, emotions etc. No other person can. Not god or not even Buddha. Buddha is our teacher. He only shows us the path to go. Do it or not, achieve it or not depends on us. Another basic teaching of Buddha is “nothing is permanent”. So you see, your love towards music is not permanent either. The fact that unconsciously you offered your love to music means, deep down you were getting fed-up of it. Why else would you feel like getting rid of it? So it is very natural that you don’t have it any more. Remember every thing changes; people, feelings,emotions etc. Nothing is permanent.

  11. Yes, because the Buddha loves taking things people enjoy forever and ever and ever. He is a magical being that steals peoples prayers and then laughs at how they stupidly gave them up.
    (I”m being totally sarcastic and of course the Buddha didn’t take away your love for music if you knew anything you would know that the Buddha is in your own mind so if anyone took it away it would only be the Buddha nature within your own mind. Stop being ridiculous!)


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