In astral projection is it a lucid dream or can I go wherever I want? Basically what is the astral plane?

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Well I haven’t practiced much but today i’ve tried twice, i’ve been meditating but I just tried AP, though i’ve known of it for 2years. I did it today got to the vibrational stage, and freaked out in an excited way, my heart started racing, I felt surrounded by an energy or a chakra of some sort, I don’t know the word for it. But it was amazing, but I guess I got too excited because it faded away. The second time it was the same result. Knowing the amazing things i’ll see will probably motivate me to do it right. Also how do I do it right?

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I am pretty sure the astral plane is a 747


No such thing.


I experienced the same thing while meditating.
I’m not sure what to think of astral projecting…I have had friends that i trust tell me of experiences. My instincts are that it’s some form of lucid dream, but I guess it’s possible it could be more.
There are many techniques, but I hear if you lucid dream and then try to astral project, it works. But of course…that could be “fake” astral projecting if astral projecting is a real phenomena.
I’m skeptical…and frankly until you have had a solid experience…you should be to.
Note: you can be both skeptical and open minded.


Read a Yaqui Way of Knowledge by Carlos Casteneda before you go traveling too far. It is not as safe as it seems. It is not a lucid dream at all.

Matthew L

usually it’s just a higher level of thinking in which your brain can analyze and bring out what was cognitively missed


It’s a free country. You can project your astral anywhere you want.

Donie J

The astral plane is like a different world. Everything from the physical world is there though. For example there still is a France in the astral world just like the physical world. Astral Projection happens when your mind wakes up before your body and that allows your astral body to escape into the astral planes. There are more than one astral plane, the planes are kind of like levels on the lower level there are more demons and odd looking creatures and its more dark the more higher up you go the better. The highest you can go is into the heavens, there you can see anybody you want like Martin Luther King Jr or Abraham Lincoln.
As for doing it right, I think you were on the right track. When you get to the vibrational stage just stay calm and make sure your tired so your body can fall asleep,but you must make sure to keep your mind awake and from there you can go into the astral plane.
I haven’t projected in like a month though,I’ve been to lazy lol. Have fun on your astral adventures and make sure to practice alot it took me about a month to be able to astral project at will.


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