• Yes all you need to do is think of that person and will yourself to him/her. I did this and it worked. My sister had moved and i didn’t know where she was living but was able to astral travel to where she was. I was able to remember everything such as what the building looked like inside and what i was able to see looking out of her window.

  • During astral projection you will be drawn to people you know, not celebrities. There has to be an energetic connection in the first place and a need to know. Our emotions take us to people and places we enjoy. Some people are interested in the dark arts, so they will go to bad places. If you really need to find someone you know, then pray to God and go with your life guide because you will have the protection you will need flying around on the other side.
    If you get an address then you have to write to that address and you will know if it is right or not.

  • This is called “Remote Viewing”.

    You would have to be like almost a master an projecting your consciousness into your other “bodies”.

    FYI:A human is composed of a various number of “bodies” that are layered togther and densify to become a physical body. Each “body” holds a spot on a diffrent level of awareness. They are bodies that come INTO manifestation usualy called the astral bodies and then there are bodies LEAVING manifestation called “underworld” bodies and then there are a large degree of pure mental bodies and emotional bodies… its quite the study.

    IDK, if you can find anyone like Osama Bin Laden lol, but maybe you can tell an enties to look for him/her.

  • If someone had had that ability, don’t you think they would have used it to find Osama bin Laden? Or to help find dangerous fugitives?

    That kind of ability could also be used for a lot of other purposes, some beneficial and some not so. If someone lacking in the right ethics had those abilities, can you imagine how they could spy on people, do industiral espionage, etc?

    If you want to find someone’s address, there are more direct ways you can do this. Go to whitepages.com and do a search. Or google the person’s name to see if they have been in the news, even in a local newspaper.

  • Yes, although we know personally (for you skeptics) that this is possible, it is a dangerous practice and NOT recommended. Inteleyes was partially correct in that it depends on the spirit guide. During an investigation, Jim and I got into a heated debate about astral projection. The person we were with said she could astral project and discover everything about the investigation. I told her I was going to write something on a piece of paper and place it in my dresser drawer at home. Two days later, while back at her home, I asked the lady if she had seen the piece of paper and what I wrote on it. Her answer was no. She said that when she went to my home, she was met by a spirit who told her that there was no piece of paper in any drawer in the house and that it was thrown out. She was correct. I had not taken the paper into the house…I had put it in the garbage can as I walked in the door two nights prior. So no matter WHAT the skeptics say…I believe it is possible.

  • If we could don’t you think people would be doing it practically? You know in police work, mining, explorations and things like that.
    Astral projection comes in dreams and delusions. Sure in a dream you can search and create images/people. For most people its not very easy but lucid dreaming is real. It’s all in your head and you don’t really go anywhere but I can see where some irrational dolts think they’re projecting. When they persist in that idea despite the evidence it becomes a delusion

  • Since astral projection is just a lucid dream you can dream you go to that person’s address but in reality you are just imagining it and going nowhere.

    Imagine what the world would be like if you could really invisibly astrally project into some one else’s house.

  • No because when you astral travel your spirit takes excursions on it’s own, you cannot control where your spirit goes, because your spirit mind is now in control.

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