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In aromatherapy what is lily of the valley supposed to do?

I was told by a spiritual light worker that I would benefit from lily of the valley. What exactly does it inspire?

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  1. I have never come across lily of the valley in aromatherapy.
    But I do know that lily of the valley contains cardiac glycosides and is used to lower blood pressure, and in the treatment of heart disease to strengthen a weakened heart.

  2. are you sure she was not talking about flower essences like bachs..this is what it sounds like to me.
    If it is an essential oil, I am sorry but I do not know but the flower essences are more for spiritual, mental and emotional healing than essential oils are other than things of a general nature like stress or depression

  3. Hi,
    In Aromatherapy there isn’t lily of the valley oil.
    But in flower language, lily the valley is made to represent a return of happiness, because its announces by its elegance and its odor the happy season of the year.

  4. Ther is aroma oile in lilly of the vally ….i work as professionel and i am sure that you can work with that cause i do 🙂


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