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In animism/auras, what does it mean if yellow energy eyes float above your aura?

I asked this question already, but I left a few details out and people misunderstood. It wasn’t my eyes that were yellow. My eyes were closed and I was lying down with the lights out while trying to call out that image in my head. The person who was observing my aura for me said she saw yellow, olive shaped, widely open eyes above my aura. What’s weird is that she can normally only see blue, and this is the first time she’s seen the color yellow, let alone eyes.
I asked her what “the color yellow” meant to her, and she said she tended to relate it to anxiety. But she said the eyes were staring at her, and gave off an intense, murderous ill will, and that it was physically hurting her to look at it.
Whatever it was, I think it’s gone now, or dissolved into me at the very least, but I still wanna know what it was or what it may represent or if something like this has ever happened to anyone else.


  1. Hmmm, are you paying for this malarkey? Unless you’re getting a full release massage during these sessions, thrown in for free, I think you are being taken for a ride.
    Please stop using the term animism. You have not even the vaguest conception about what the term means, and it is painful to hear you abuse the word so. Make up your own new age silliness word and use that.

  2. Wow, with such positive and well thought out answers such as those above me, I’m not sure I’ll be able to answer without offending the delicate senses of the other people on this site. Jerks. Anyway, while I have never heard of “eyes” per se in an aura reading, I do know that most experts on the subject believe yellow to be a color of higher spiritual understanding and of true enlightenment. It is widely speculated that the artists who first painted images of Christ painted the golden halo of light behind his head because they could see his radiant aura. This would make sense as Christ was a truly enlightened soul. The same has been said about Mahatma Ghandi, also an enlightened soul. So again, I’m not sure about the “eyes” but the color yellow, as far as I know, has never been negative as far aura readings go. I’m working to attain that coveted yellow aura, but I doubt I’ll ever attain it- mine is green almost constantly, indicating I’m a natural healer of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ailments. Our auras are the best way of knowing who a person really is as they cannot and do not lie; a person trained correctly in the art of reading them can tell you more about yourself than even you knew. If I were you, I would research this a little bit more and see what comes up. There may be something truly interesting here.


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