Home Discussion Forum In an infinite universe, isn't reincarnation pretty much guaranteed?

In an infinite universe, isn't reincarnation pretty much guaranteed?

I mean infinite in time, space, or both.
Since infinity is REALLY, REALLY BIG, wouldn’t another being have to be born SOMEWHERE like enough in consciousness to oneself, to experience something essentially like reincarnation?
With or without a God — I find religion irrelevant to this question.


  1. Reincarnation? I believed in that till about middle school then I grew up. There is an after-life, but without God you’re pretty screwed.

  2. That is too much to think about, I don’t want to be reincarnated and I hope for anyone else’s sake they were not reincarnated as me!!

  3. I find this question irrelevant to anything. where did you come up this silly little idea???? Its the most ridiculous reasoning I have ever encountered.

  4. Your question is fundamentally flawed. The universe is not infinite, and all educated scientists will agree with that. It is well established that the universe is expanding, and something of infinite size cannot expand.

    • I think at least a plurality of scientists would disagree with you. And I think you misunderstand the concept of cosmic inflation, its not like a puddle that spreads out, the universe is not expanding into anything, outside the universe there is no space, as far as we know. Think fractals, the universe expands into itself infinitely in the future. The matter in the universe does get further and further apart and heat death is inevitable, but due to random quantum fluctuations and the creation of a false vacuum, a new big bang will eventually occur. You might not exist in your current form for the next big bang and subsequent universe (most likely), but after a google big bangs its bound to happen again, and again, and again, infinity into the future. Maybe even sooner than that you may appear as a Boltzman brain, floating in isolation in empty space, with false memories and perceptions. In fact in all probability you are either a Boltzman brain or the byproduct of a simulation.

  5. True. In a truly infinite reality, repition is inevitable. But I don’t think this counts as reincarnation, in the usual sense of the word. There wouldn’t really be the thread of continuity between you and your “reincarnation” that the term implies. It would be more like a twin or clone.

  6. well if the smoke from a cigarette reaches a destination where all of it coexists together as a single entity then yes reincarnation is guaranteed.

  7. its not guaranteed no, i mean thats like saying the universe is really big so there must be an exact double of me out there, or saying that gravity seizes to exist anywhere. Simply anything and everything as well as nothing is possible. Just think about that, and it should be enough to blow your mind. I mean they even state that our universe was created by two parallel universes colliding, so perhaps our dead selves just transport to another universe, Well that is my deep philosophical answer to this crazy question, hope that helps!

  8. Infinite eternal time. We live mere 80 years. Compare to infinity is not even a blink of the eyes. It just makes perfect sense that being ourselves of an eternal nature, we change our bodies every 80 years or so. That means we have reincarnated billions of times. Every lifetime we have a different identity, sometimes we come as a female, sometimes as a male, sometimes as a oriental, black, white, etc. We even, by the laws that govern nature, take bodies of animals and plants, according to our activities in our present lifetime, we’ll take birth in our next lifetime in a suitable body to fulfill our desires. Intelligent thinking begins when we inquire about these topics.

  9. Reincarnation (Not repetition; we don’t come as an exact same person many times; nor do people reincarnate as exact ourselves) or travel of spirit helps our souls to go through different scenarios and experiences to grow and learn some things. We change bodies, countries, genders, and so on, all to get “filtered” enough to return to our original source. If you fail to learn a certain lesson, then you will have to go to the same “grade” until you get it. Even in this lifetime, we keep repeating the same lessons and mistakes in different scenarios and find it hard to change or improve. For those who don’t believe in the existence of soul, know that even science now believes that there is more to us than physical body and that we all have a wave nature (getting close to the idea of soul) Now there are also therapists specializing in regressions, taking you through your past lifetimes to help you find the ways out of your current problems.
    I don’t know if the universe is infinite, but I know that one should keep his mind open to the infinite possibilities, and reincarnation is one of them. It may not be proved or measured scientifically yet, but as one of the greatest scientists of all times (Albert Einstein) said: “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.”

  10. Rain drops from a cloud, falls singularly but among brethren, and joins with the ocean. Then the ocean gives up the drop so that he may fall again, but differently. You are the drop, the fall is your life, the brethren is everyone and also yourself.


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