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In an earlier question I asked about Norse Wicca. Now what about being Wiccan with dedication to norse Gods?

I found that by the Asatru Norse Wicca is largely unfavorable, if not intolerable.I am Wiccan but I have always felt a pull to my Swiss and Dutch ancestral past. I have always focused my rituals on the Norse Gods It feels ok, but is it right?


  1. Who says it isn’t right? Most Wiccans feel the names you say are just aspects of the gods, not the gods themselves. If those are the names you are comfortable with, then use them. They’re just names.

  2. I think I’ll never understand how someone can go shopping around to try to pick a new favorite flavor of delusion without realizing its a delusion.
    Come on, think about it. How real can any of this be if you can change religions like clothes?

  3. Is it right by who? Wicca is a very versatile religion, you can invoke Chinese deities if you want to. I really don’t see the problem.

  4. It depends-
    How much Wicca is in your Wicca?
    It can be done, and has been done.
    Edit: In traditional Wicca, our gods are gods, not faces, archetypes or “ideas.”

  5. Realistically, we have no clue what the Norse Druids were up to. The Dark Ages did away with that info. Sadly, we can only speculate. Almost every version of Wicca out there is a new re imagining of the religion. It literally was almost wiped to extinction by the Christians. So realistically, feel free to interpretet it’s teachings any way you choose to.

  6. It doesn’t really matter what you believe. If you want to worship Norse gods then go ahead and do it. you don’t need anyone’s blessing to do so…especially on this website. We are here to have fun. That is the definition of spirituality. Think for yourself.

  7. guess what! do what ever you want and feel good about it, I worship all! even myself and feel great about it! too bad i cant get my kids to do the same! oh those darn kids with their minds of their own!!!!

  8. Its okay if you don’t die and go to Jesus’ Hell.
    If you die and go to Jesus’ heaven and spend eternity giving honor and glory to God the Father, his beloved Son, and great Holy Spirit, and you don’t love it, it could be HELL FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. answer: That’s up to you but it’s not acceptable in the Asatru Heathen community. Wicca is somewhat incompatible with Heathenism. Perhaps you should check out Asatru Heathenism and see if you’re being called by your gods, my friend.
    There are those who say Norse Wicca or Wicca-Tru is perfectly acceptable but they aren’t Heathens.
    It’ll be left to you to determine how you worship and what you call yourself. I’d encourage you checking out Asatru/Heathenism. You might be surprised how well you fit in and are drawn to it.
    Many Heathens started out as Wiccans because that’s more well known. I was eclectic pagan for 10 years – then I found Heathenism and it was like a search light went on in my life and I knew what gods had been calling me and what religion.
    Don’t let the stereotypes put you off either – only a handful of Asatru Heathens are Neo-Nazis. In my kindred there are gays, lesbians, bisexuals and straights and a mix of ethnic histories.
    If you have questions – email me. I’m a tribalist Heathen – a moderate Heathen, if you will.

  10. It can be done.
    You can honor Norse gods within Wicca. The key is that you do this carefully and with full knowledge of what you are doing. Questions to ask yourself are: Why are you Wiccan? Does Wicca provide the best way to honor your gods?
    There is no real reason you can not be Wiccan and honor Norse gods, but make sure that what you are actually doing falls within Wicca and isn’t a combination of a bunch of different practices that you are calling Wicca. Make sure that your practice is genuine, that your sources are accurate, and your information is based on scholarly research. I assume you have considered Asatru and have reasons why you do not find that religion would work better for you. If you have not done that, I would. You need to be able to clearly understand in your mind why Wicca is the religion that works best for you and why this is the religion you believe is the best way to understand and honor your gods. If you can make sense of that then you have clearly done a lot of work in making your practice genuine.
    Edit –
    1. No, Most Wiccans *do not* believe our gods are just faces or archetypes. Wicca is polytheistic, not archtypalist.
    2. I stand very much behind my own advice and yet I really, really agree with what Frau Asher Cat said. There are so many other Pagan religions out there other than Wicca. I am assuming that you have investigated Asatru – if you have not I really encourage you to do so.

  11. If you are drawn to your Dutch ancestry you should forget Wicca and Asatru as your calling sounds to be that of Frisian Heathen reconstruction; this is more akin to Anglo-Saxon Heathenry not the Icelandic/Norse based Heathenry of Asatru. Your Swiss ancestry also matches the Saxon/mainland European Heathen ancestors.
    Overall the Heathen mindset of all the various tribes is similar but there are differences in deity names and cultural practice. Take a look at Germania by the Roman author Tacitus for details and compare that with the work of Snorri Sturluson and Saxo Grammaticus to see the differences and similarities.
    Do not fall into the belief that Heathenry is Asatru, that would be like believing all Christians are Protestant.

  12. What it sounds like is that you have a few spirtual questions that you need to ask yourself and answer. Not just meditate on and think the answers will magically appear, but to actually research and learn about.
    Can you honor the Norse gods with in Wicca? Yes, but the Heathen community will not support it. You would not be considered a part of the Heathen community. Sucky but true. While many of us are just fine with Wiccans (I have several good friends who are Wiccan) we don’t “blend” and we don’t want to. And dollars to donuts if you go around claiming to be Asatru in the US you will be expected to be HEATHEN, not Wiccan.
    As stated above you need to ask yourself why you wish to remain in Wicca. Is it spirtually satisfying you? Do the main tenants give you what you are looking for? If they don’t then perhaps you should be searching for something seperate from Wicca instead of trying to pack more things in. Less can be more.
    Is it right? That my friend is between you and the gods. But this is what I explain to people who don’t understand why I think reconstruction is so important.
    These gods existed in a culture that they very much helped shape and define. If you do not do the work to understand that culture, how will you understand those gods? How can you know what they are saying to you if you don’t know where they come from? My ancestors were doing it for hundred and hundreds of years. Obvioulsy they were doing something right. The god spoke to them. Who am *I* to come along and change it? What makes me so special?

  13. Asatru/Heathens find forms of Norse Wicca irritating for one key reason: to Heathens (regardless of denomination) they are hard polytheists, meaning that each and every deity is a unique individual. But in some (not all forms of Wicca) there is a tendency to ‘compress’ them into one vast amalgam the Great Lord and Great Lady within both the Northern Tradition and also via pan-theism. They take our vast cosmology and the numinous beings within, throw out what they don’t want to deal with and force them into the belief-structure of their own beliefs. Doing this to them is a lack of respect, as you diminish what They truly are.
    Personally, my belief is who am I to keep someone from connecting with a deity. So while I don’t understand the Norse Wiccans of the world… I do respect and tolerate their right to their own beliefs.
    That being said, ultimately religion and spirituality is about WHAT is meaningful to YOU. So the question is, do you find your current practices meaningful and fulfilling to you? Only you can decide ultimately what is right or wrong for you.

  14. “Religion” is from the Latin word “religio” (hard ‘g’) meaning to rebind, to reconnect. Reconnect to what? To the Gods and to our ancestors who worshiped them also. I have respect for Wicca, but it is a new religion with ancient roots. It is not a religion in an historic sense. Our ancestors were not Wiccan. If you speak of “witches” when you say “Wiccan”, then there WERE witches among the ancient Norse or Germanic peoples. But if you asked them what Gods they worshiped, they would have said, “Why the Gods of MY PEOPLE!”
    “Religion” implies connection, and precedent, doing things as they were done before. If Wicca is nothing more than a “one size fits all” religion that can be mixed and matched, tailored to meet the needs of the practitioner, then it is NOT a religion. True religion comes with “demands” and expectations. To make it whatever we want to make it turns it into something that is more about “us” than about the bigger picture that we wish to connect to.
    If you are drawn to your ancestral Gods and Goddesses, then seek out ways to honor them that are consistent TRULY with the “old ways”. Honoring Woden and Thunor in the context of Asatru or Theodism is one thing. Honoring them with an Egyptian sistrum in a Navaho sweat lodge, while performing a Medieval magick ritual, is something else altogether.


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