In a Tarot deck of 78 cards, what are the odds of pulling the same card twice in a row?

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Welcome, esteemed practitioners of the occult and seekers of hidden knowledge, to another enchanting expedition into the captivating realm of Tarot. Today, we embark on a quest to unravel the probabilities surrounding the consecutive drawing of the same Tarot card from a standard deck of 78 mystical cards. Prepare to be enthralled as we navigate the labyrinthine interplay of science and the supernatural, weaving together ancient wisdom and modern insights to shed light on this intriguing phenomenon.

Understanding the Tarot:

The Tarot, a venerable divination tool steeped in centuries of mysticism, unveils its enigmatic secrets through a deck of 78 captivating cards. Each card brims with symbolic representations of archetypes, elemental forces, and cosmic energies, forming a tapestry of insight and revelation. To comprehend the probability of consecutively drawing the same Tarot card, we must delve into the intricate web that connects the art of divination with the laws of chance.

The Mathematics of Possibility:

At first glance, the notion of drawing the same Tarot card twice in a row may appear as a rare occurrence, buried deep within the mystical ether. However, as we peer through the lens of probability, a captivating world of mathematical intrigue reveals itself. Within the vast expanse of 78 Tarot cards, we shall explore the odds and unravel the fabric of possibility.

The Dance of Chance and Shuffling:

To fully grasp the probability of consecutively drawing the same Tarot card, we must contemplate the profound impact of shuffling. Through the rhythmic dance of shuffling techniques, such as the classic riffle shuffle or the mesmerizing Hindu shuffle, the order of the Tarot cards is cast into the realms of unpredictability.

The Calculations :

Calculating the precise probability of consecutively drawing the same Tarot card can be an endeavor of labyrinthine complexity. However, through the lens of statistical analysis, we can unearth valuable insights. Embark with us on a fascinating journey into the depths of probability theory.

When the Tarot deck is shuffled, the probability of drawing a specific card on the first attempt becomes a mere 1 in 78. Yet, as we draw the second card, the probability of encountering the same Tarot card hinges upon whether the first card was replaced or not. Should the first card be returned to the deck and thoroughly shuffled, the probability of drawing the same card consecutively transcends into the realm of 1 in 6,084. This arises from the equal chance each card possesses in being drawn on both occasions.

The Veil Deepens:

The Confluence of Science and the Supernatural: As seekers of hidden truths, we acknowledge the significance of exploring the intersection between scientific reasoning and the realms of the supernatural. While the probabilities provide insights into the statistical nature of drawing the same Tarot card consecutively, a deeper, mystical layer awaits our gaze.

In the realms of witchcraft, meditation, and esoteric practices, it is believed that the consecutive appearance of the same Tarot card carries profound messages from the cosmos. Some practitioners interpret this occurrence as a sacred synchronicity, a celestial alignment guiding us along a destined path. Others perceive it as a manifestation of the collective unconscious, where the repetition of a Tarot card conceals hidden insights and transformative potential.

Harmonizing the Forces:

The interplay between probability and intuition, between scientific inquiry and mystic contemplation, allows us to unlock the vast tapestry of the Tarot’s wisdom, empowering us to connect with its potent energies and embrace its transformative potential.

The probability of consecutively drawing the same Tarot card invites us to contemplate the intricate interplay of chance and fate, unveiling glimpses of the hidden tapestry that weaves together the threads of our destiny. May your future Tarot readings be imbued with insight and illumination as you traverse the mystical realm of the cards.

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Mathematically, it’s 1:78 to pull a specific card. But what are the odds of pulling the SAME card twice in a row?

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Please help guys 🙁 I bought a tarot deck for myself the other day and in it I received 2 hermit cards but no chariot card. Should I tell Spencer’s the store I got it or should I pretend one of the is actually the chariot card since 2 came in the same deck?


After my first Reiki session I was checking out the tarot decks in the store gift shop and I pulled the ‘Buddha’ (aka Consciousness) card twice in a row from the demo deck. I then purchased a new deck, took it home and pulled the Buddha card for a third time as the first card randomly pulled form the deck… I think those odds are 0.000000027. or 27 time in 1 Billion shot – not counting the fully new deck in the mix.

Amy Smith

I opened a new deck on Monday, and I shuffled them thoroughly, I asked “who am I” and pulled the 3 of Coins. The book I am ready (Mary Greer – 21 ways to read a tarot card) told me to do it two more times. I shuffled very thoroughly and pulled the 3 of Coins again. I shuffled a third time (as the book told me to – asking the same question each time) and YES the third time I got the 3 of Coins.
It is a brand-new deck so the cards are not bent or worn. So weird! The book has you study the same card for all 21 exercises so I am definitely sticking with the 3 of Coins – though I have never identified with the Coins/Pentacles/Disks (what have you).


Things of this nature have been going on for quite some time. One night I told Kris lets go to the bar, I am drawn there. When we got there I saw the Tarot, I asked her if she had her cards. The three of us went down stairs, before we began I needed grounds for understanding. I asked The Tarot if the cards would show the future and she said no this is relative to what is happening now (or so she thought because what happened next flew over her head). I looked up, I said the prayer, so helped by God we used my hand and drew the 11 cards together. The first card The Tarot flipped over was of the upside down lion, she proceeded to tell me that I had been humbled. I began to cry, the rest of the cards she flipped proceeded to tell an accurate story. Then Kris pulled her cards, I had revealed the immediate Future, I pulled Her cards before she did. Her first card with the upright lion, 2 of Her cards were in slightly different order. We both sat down and pulled the same cards back to back with each other. What does this mean to all of you?


I did two readings last night, Celtic Cross spread. Both times the significator came from the deck, so 11 cards were put down.
The deck was thoroughly shuffled between readings. Both times, I cut the deck into three piles and put them back in random order before laying out the reading (the first 11 cards off the top of the deck).
The outcome card was the same in both readings. Was the probability of that occurrence 1 / 6084?

Crack Rene

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The probability of pulling any one card is 1 / 78.
Replace the drawn cardback into the deck and shuffle.
The probability of pulling the same card as from the first pull is 1 / 78.
Since the pulls are independent events, we can multiply the probabilities of the seperate pulls to calculate the probability of pulling the same card twice with replacement.
P(pulling same card twice with replacement)
= (1/ 78)(1 / 78)
= 1 / 6084

Bill A

You are correct that the pulling any particular card on the first draw is 1/78. If you replace the card and randomly draw again, the chance of getting a particular card on the second draw is also 1/78. To get the joint probability of picking the SAME card in two successive draws you multiply 1/78 x 1/78. The resulting probability is 0.000164. To put this in perspective, if you drew two cards in this way 100,000,000 times, you would draw the same card twice in a row about 164 times!


You can pull any card the first time.


I think its 1/78 times 1/78 =0.000164366
… (the probability of getting that card the first time, then the probability of getting that card the second time, after replacing it.) I am not sure though…I took stats a long time ago. What do other people think?
Actually never mind, looking at other peoples answers, its just 1/78 (what i said above only applies if u specified what card u were pulling)



20 year old kid

It’s still 1/78 because no matter what card you pull first, your odds of pulling the same one again are still 1/78. Now if you are thinking of a card to pull twice BEFORE your first pull, then the odds are 1/6084

Wisdom Cube

It’s 1 in 78. It works that way because you didn’t specify which card. If you draw a card, all that needs to happen for your condition to be met is for that same card to be drawn again. It would be 1 in 6084 if you had a specific card in mind that you wanted drawn twice in a row.


about 1 in 39

herman m

one in 78 . both times.

Dave M


jason a



1/78. Assuming you don’t mean a specific card (like “the Death card”) twice. If you do mean a specific up-front specified card twice, the answer would be (1/78)^2.
But for just ANY card twice in a row, it’s the same as one specific card. The first draw can be any card at all (probability: 78/78 = 1/1), then the second draw must match the original card (probability: 1/78).
1/1 * 1/78 = 1/78.
Of course, this assumes you draw “with replacement” (putting back the card after you draw it). Otherwise the probability is 0.


What Dr D said.

Jake B

it depends if u put the card back in the deck or not

Dr D

(1/78)^2 = 1 : 6084
= 0.0164 %