Home Discussion Forum In a straight fight who would win Jesus or Buddha?

In a straight fight who would win Jesus or Buddha?

Buddha would have the weight advantage but Jesus would be lighter on his feet. I’m just not sure.


  1. Where do people get the idea Buddha was heavy? The statue they usually refer to is a Bodhisattva named Hoti, not Buddha.
    Buddha was raised a Kshatriya – a warrior – and Jesus was a carpenter. There’s no contest here.

  2. The Buddha was a prince and no doubt trained in combat, athletics, horse-back riding, archery, etc. I think he’d slap Jesus silly…but of course that’s only if you are using action figures. I doubt the real Buddha would raise his hand against another human being.
    Jesus as we know did raise his hand in anger as did Peter.
    so maybe Jesus would sucker punch him, I dunno.

  3. These guys are right, the fat dude isn’t the Buddha; he’s more like the Buddhist version of Santa Claus:
    Chapin, Helen B. (Mar 1933).The Ch’an master Pu-tai. Journal of the American Oriental Society. 53(1), 47-52.
    But in any case, Buddha would definitely have the advantage. He was a member of the warrior caste, trained in wrestling, swordplay, archery, horseback riding, and various Indian martial arts.
    Of course, I doubt either of them would really want to fight, seeing as they were both big on that whole “peace” thing.


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