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In a spiritual technique have you experienced excessive crying when exposing an aspect of the false ego?

A recently deceased co-traveler told of his experience of each time he observed and exposed impatience within him. He had cried excessively for two years until impatience was completely dropped on its own accord.
Background: Have been a hard rough tough S.O.B. early in my life. Now I have a similar problem as my late friend only with envy. Every time I see an underdog hero win or overcoming obstacles; a person rising above disabilities and other such things I feel an ache in the pit of my stomach. I close my eyes and bring attention, in silence, to the feeling. I cry like a new born baby uncontrollably. This has been happening for over a year now. Slowly through constant observation I’ve come to realize my own feelings are being sad for the idea of myself and not the happiness for the other I should have. This is a trait of the self centered ego idea. Why does this realization linger do long? Is this a case of impatience also?
One thing to add! I am having a big enough struggle dropping the false ego idea. I do not need to struggle with an idea of a God. I have studied completely many major religions of the world. Presently am in practice of Zen. Thank you anyway.


  1. welcome to the world of self discovery
    youre growing up
    its a very good thing
    crying can be the most healthiest of releases we have
    youre coming to terms with who you are
    bringing in new balance

  2. Experiencing the holy spirit is an overpowering thing. You sound like you are trying to explain it through phycological thinking. That is what we christians call arrogance. Freud pointed out that we are unable to anylize ourselves, because the sub ego fools into false interprtations. I was also a rugged tough, redneck who thought I would never cry again, but I do now. Maybe the spirit is touching you

  3. Crying helps in spiritual transformation. Crying indicates transcendental joy and prayer towards the Godhead.
    God transformation happens in everyone who has true devotion and love towards God. All actions in their entirety culminate in transcendental knowledge. One who finds happiness with the Eternal Being (God), who rejoices God within, and who is illuminated by Self-knowledge such a person attains God consciousness. Eternal Being (God) is the sacrifice. God shall be realized by one who considers everything as (a manifestation or) an act of God.
    Universal prayer for the harmony and blessings for all of God’s creations –
    May all the beings in all the worlds be happy;
    Peace, peace and peace be everywhere.

  4. Good job, keep shaking the bushes. Stand aloft and observe your actions more and more each day until it becomes second nature to you. Besides the exposure of the ugliness of the ego sense you are expanding awareness. This is the key to dropping the traits of the believed self. You must be aware before and during the emotional reaction. Waiting to after the fact you’ve missed it. You will respond and not react and that response will be of great joy for the other.
    A monk was reciting the Diamond Sutra …“if one sees that forms are not forms, he then sees Buddha.” The Master was passing by and heard it. He then said to the monk, “You recite wrongly. It goes like this: “If one sees that forms are forms, he then sees Buddha.” The Monk exclaimed, “What you have said is just the opposite to the words of the Sutra!” The Master then replied “how can a blind man read the Sutra?”

  5. In Transcendental Meditation technique when you free your mind to flow ,it happens some time when unconscious mind is activated. you start crying or laghing .This a way of exposing unconscious impressions.


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