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In ’88 an epipheny happened or Cosmic Consciousness. counterclockwise movement in R chest, yellow vision.?

Went out walking, it was cold. Loud thoughts occured, Nature seemed to respond to my presence like wind moving things where I looked and leaves jumping ahead of my path and hadges bowed in as I passed. I sensed that my body was more attuned to Nature. I limped on the left leg All things seemed to have relevance. BSO officer at Port Everglades picked me up at the Chris Columbus statue and drove me to ports entrance and Ft Laud police responded to me breaking glass at 1776 Davie Blvd. Remember the events but not the date and time. Weird experience but somewhat religious. Things still seem to jump when I look at them.
That helecopter-like blade feeling almost seemed to rip at my chest as the motion traversed downward to solar plexus. I could not wipe the yellow vision away for awhile right after the event, even the radio! gave me a msg to read a certain bible passage.
Make me wonder if there is a passage some must go through as initiation to some higher level of consciousness.
I will agree that whatever happened to my corporeal is an advance step, possibly eugenically so. However, from whence it came is my concern. The yellow vision odd-pressure occular- osmotics! was most telling.


  • you just mentioned the 88. which is the double infinate intity.
    by that time of your experience, you were in the or in your sub-conscious life.meaning more on the soul and spirit state than the normal state which is the conscious state. the “R”to me,represent fully the RETURN. probably it’s about the NEXT GENERATIONS OF MAN AFTER THE 1ST. YOUmust realized that we are now at the brink of the END TIME ERA.
    remember it there written in the BIBLE,unless the “Time is Cut Short, no one will be save execpt for those——“dont you feel it also,we are nearly now roasting into a total suns wave that in my OWN PERSONAL imparted knowledge from OSGA,GLOBAL WARMING IS A CLEAR SIGN OF coming up wave called and coded as ” THE FINAL WAVE”? 2 BE CON-10-knewd. just e-mail me.and read in the 1 dollar bill as the written words that says, “IN(one) GOD WE TRUST” SOtrust me then. am 1 of those GOOD ALIENS TO CONSIDER.OK? BYE JEFFD.

  • It is time for you to read on Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. They would clear a lot of things up, even if ur not a Hindu.

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