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In 1782, the German physicist and philosopher Christof Lichtenberg wrote in his diary:?

“To invent an infallible remedy against toothache, which would take it away in a moment, might be as valuable and more than to discover a new planet… but I do not know how to start the diary of this year with a more important topic than the news of the new planet”.
He was referring to Uranus, discovered in 1781. The question Lichtenberg raised, of the importance of looking for technical solutions to specific problems, searching for new fundamental knowledge, is even more important today than it was 200 years ago. The search for knowledge, motivated by curiosity, is as useful as the search for solutions to specific problems. The reasons we have practical computers now, and did not have them 100 years ago, is not that we have the need for computers now, it is because of discoveries in fundamental physics which underwrite modern electronics, developments in mathematical logic, and the need of nuclear physicists in the 1930s to develop ways of counting particles that we have computers today. SO don’t you think that if that is the case its not that dream predictions, chakra energy levels, auras, alternative healing, intutition, ESP, telepathy, speaking to the dead, card readings etc don’t exist but that Science has not discovered fundamental metaphysics that can pursue and investigate the validity of these issues YET. To the person that said if you don’t get the outcome its a dream — that is not true some people including me do believe that telepathy, predictions, life after death etc do exist because of our personal experiences. Go to any alternative book shop and ask about books on these subjects and you would be buried in them. The following of people who believe have to be convinced by their own experiences — people are not that stupid to believe something that they themselves have not experienced. And look at the authors of these books most cite a PHD like Doreen Virtue. The problems is the fact SCIENCE can’t prove these topics exist because Science does not have the tools of assessment yet — What do you think?
Edit: Tukmyham- Yes read the link I like Doreen Virtue – I have her books and I think that all her views are interesting and positive. I don’t think she is a kooky fraundster but thats my opinion
Chainlig: “People have been making these statements for thousands of years” meaning paranormal yes? Pagans &traditional Eastern therapies & religions . What does that tell you? That these beliefs were all that were needed to sustain paople -why? Because they are real. Telepathy exists, ESP exists. “True science has only a few centuries under its belt and it delivers the goods” yep it does like ruining the environment, killing the animals and developong biological and chemical warfare. “Along with healing millions and “killing more”. Something to be proud of killing more? Yep ya right baby. ” What has the paranormal done for humanity?” People survived for millions of years on their alternative beliefs and intutition. The earth now is at risk why? Because of ESP, chakras,? No Science and technology!!
I understand science I don’t think science has the tools to test these topics effectively thats all. The arrogance to discount them when millions in the world believe like me is laughable


  1. It may be that intuition, ESP, telepathy, etc., exist. But honestly, is any special technology needed to demonstrate these things? No, it’s very easy to come up with some rigorous experimental protocols using no fancy equipment to obtain evidence for these purported phenomena. Science already does have the tools. And in fact these experiments have been done, and so far the evidence has not risen above debate even after all this time. My opinion is that if these were real we would have established their existence long ago.
    Regarding Doreen Virtue, who seems to insist to be called “Dr Doreen Virtue”, her PhD is from a diploma mill and she’s responsible for the whole angel therapy claptrap as well as the Indigo Child stuff. She doesn’t help your argument.

  2. The ways nature works is highly predictable, that is why we have science. You should read about the history of computers. It’s based on math, to do science you need good math skills. The binary system of numbers is used, everything in a computer program is based on zeros or ones. Later advances in electronics led after many years to the computers we use now. Richard Dawkins once commented that if man had four fingers instead of five, we would have had the computer 100 years earlier.
    There is a fact that many forget. Our brains work on a chemical reactions, not electronic circuits. Lots of things affect the brain and it is a poor collector of data. Anyone of our senses can be fooled. Part of the reason we dream is so the brain can sort of defrag itself. It been said that you have to go insane (REM sleep) at night to stay sane during the day.
    Many people claim to do dream predictions, chakra energy levels, auras, alternative healing, intutition, ESP, telepathy, speaking to the dead, card readings, and so on. Not one person has done in a control environment. That is where science comes in, it demands controls. These claims all have to do with the human brain and to be true require great amounts of energy. Such events would defy nature and that has never been observed.
    Find one person that can simply do what they claim. People have been making these statements for thousands of years. True science has only a few centuries under its belt and it delivers the goods. For better or worse. It took us to the moon and beyond. Along with healing millions and killing more. It also takes us back to the brink of creation, the Big Bang. Evolution has too much evidence to be called just a theory any more. You may not understand or dislike science but you reap it’s benefits everyday of your life. What has the paranormal done for humanity?

  3. The problem with you argument is that it is based on the “God of the Gaps” fallacy. Basically this fallacy states that if something cannot be explained by current scientific knowledge that it must be explained by some supernatural or paranormal phenomena.

  4. hmmmm…. I don’t think you need medication, I think you need to accept that one day you will die, and that’s it. period. game over. nothing else. once you can harness this concept and accept it, will you only truly be able to realize how dumb you sound right now…


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