Home Discussion Forum importance of Taoism to Chinese society?

importance of Taoism to Chinese society?

i have to be able to discuss the importance of this in an essay!
please helpp, thanks so much 🙂


  1. In present day China, it has very little importance, it is 95% atheist. Mao taught all of China things like Buddha, Confucius and Taoism were evil in the cultural revolution.
    There are more Christians and Muslims in China now than Taoists, Buddhists, and Confucians.

  2. In China,Taoism is more like a way of thinking not a religion.It is the earliest dialectics in China.
    Such as “anything which go to its extrme will go back”.This dialectics thought make Chinese people can bear any suffering because they hold the belief that anything will go away.I think this is a reason why Chinese people can bear dictatorship in these years.


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