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Im writing a novel…Characterization help!?

I am writing a novel about a person who is being stalked. I really want this stalker dude to be in a “gang” of stalkers. Please give me an idea of what this “gang” should be called!
Also Please answer my other question about my novel, with the character names! IT WOULD HELP ME SO MUCH IF YOU ANSWER THIS! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER IT!
Thanks =]


  1. huh, i’ve never heard of a stalker “gang”, i thought the point of stalker’s was they were too weird to have friends. but w/e, how about… WeCU? StalkersUnited? Anti-Pepper Spray League? The Creepers?

  2. I totally understand what you are asking Adam however a question needs to be answered first.come to
    What other activity is this “gang” of stalkers involved in.
    -The reason I ask is that usually “gangs” are involved in a number of activities.
    I believe it is vital to come up with other activities because I have never heard of a gang of stalkers and I don’t tink a book(novel) with that premise would attract me to read it

  3. Follower Faction
    Anonymous Rogue Group
    The Nobodies
    Organization Stalker or Stalker Organization


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