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I'm using my tarot to asked a silly question. WIll I tickled somebody barefeet today?

The cards are:
Past: Fool
Present: page of wands
Future: 10 of cups
what does the cards and the question mean?


  1. Considering that the question uses various tenses, I’m not completely sure about that, and tarot cards in general prefer more serious questions, but these cards seem propitious. The Fool would indicate the right frame of mind for either yourself or anyone whose barefeet you might tickle, and the Page of Wands is one of the best cards to indicate the opportunity for tickling. The Ten of Cups is also highly propitious; Cups in general are the suit of abundance and the ten would indicate the greatest abundance possible. In combination with the Fool, this would suggest abundant laughter, and the most abundant laughter would come from tickling. As the Page of Wands suggests a sort of implement, such as a brush or feather, and it’s most common to see foot tickling involving implements, it would seem as if the cards are about as favorable for your tickling somebody’s barefeet as might be possible.


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