I'm trying to find a good tarot reader / fortune teller in Brighton or area?

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by Agga:

Hi, I’m looking for real tarot reader / fortune teller. I tried once, but the women wasn’t honest: asked me all the questions instead of telling me what’s in cards. I would like to get some contacts and prices please

Answer by no problem
Personally i would not waste my money as no human on this earth can predict the weather, never mind the future of anybodies life.
But if that is your believe then i would look in the yellow pages.
Best of wishes to you.

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lifes a mystery to me ?

If you go to your seach engine and type in, Brighton Spiritualist Church, it should take you to spiritualist church,s in your area.
They have proper recognised Mediums that do readings, you can either go to the church service, were they have readings, but you cant guarantee a reading, or you could ask for a private 1 to 1 reading, which i find better because its just you and the medium, its not expensive, and they normally give you a recording of the reading, good luck, hope this helps you.


I’m a fortune teller.
You will live for some time longer. Then you will die.


go to http://www.tabi.org.uk
tarot association of british isles
get a free reading!
or check out there endorsed readers

Lord Darkclaw

I predict.. I predict.. someone is going to scam you out of £50.
I sometimes slightly freak people out by correctly predicting the future but not even I believe in fortune tellers, they are all either scammers or misguided fantasists.

Rev. Lynn D.

Do you have New Age Bookstores in the UK? Here in the US they always have readers that either work at their stores or that they can recommend. They are usually good because what they do reflects on the reputation of the store.
Hope that helps.


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