I'm trying to conjure up a succubus?

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I’m in need of a spell or ritual to conjure up a succubus so I can have her do my bidding and have wild unforgettable sex with her. Please help me.

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Hopefully the sites below have the information you are looking for.


Best to leave those alone, what you get is not what you’ll want. Although that’s simply my personal opinion. If you still want to check out http://www.academyofsorcery.com. They have many spells, and just might have the ones you want.


lol you sound very desperate


All u need is the spell ule get it from me im a wizard which there is one most important thing u need to know you need feeling in in or ill reverse! WARNING : ULE SEE STRANGE STUFF AROUND U AND SPIRITS !!!!!!


a succubus will kill you it eats your sexual energy, try summoning just some female demon of perversion or something

sexy sweety

how many joints did you smoke before you posted this!!!!?? there is a limit you no!! and what ever girl ur thining of, u have 0 respect for her…she has our sympathies.


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