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I'm thinking of taking up yoga. What part of yoga is responsible for the stress reduction benefits that are?

derived from it? I know there is more to yoga than the physical exercise. There is meditation, general lifestyle, and maybe some other stuff. So is it the physical exercise that’s doing it or the other things or a combination of all of them?


  1. It’s a combination of all of it. The exercise helps to maintain the healthy body and also while doing that, it helps you feel good in general. Meditation helps clear your head and in a way it’s like giving your brain a breath of fresh air by flushing away all the thoughts your have.

  2. Its all of it. Having a relaxing meditation, clearing your mind of all thoughts, and just living in the moment. It also helps flexibility and stretches muscles so thats a plus. and it gets your in touch with your spiritual side which will make you feel more relaxed and less-stressed throughout the day.

  3. Its the combination of things but really the meditation, stretching and the physical movement is relaxing and really good for you. Go ahead and try it because it is really good for stress reduction.


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