Sunday, September 26, 2021

I'm thinking of cutting myself?

off from the world and just living hundreds of miles away from anything in the middle of the woods where big foot is. I’m hoping it’ll be a spiritual awakening. Just me, going with nothing but a fishing rod and stuff to make a teepee with. Will i get sick and die or be reborn?


  1. I wouldn’t do it in the middle of winter. You sound like Survivor Man. If you really do this, you should consider the epic consequences. You need water to live and most fresh water is polluted. There is a water purifying pill that you can bring with you, but you should consider a cooler with bottled water, at least. A tent might be better than a teepee.
    You would also need matches, cooking utensils, eating utensils, clothes (if it rains).
    Just try to go camping for a weekend and figure out what you forgot if you’re really serious about this.
    good luck. been camping. forgot enough to not want to go again.

  2. Legend has it that Sasquatch (a.k.a. Bigfoot) lives in the Big Forest not the little woods, and I think almost all the Forest, where he lives, is National Forest land. In addition to a fishing rod, a rifle might be a good idea. Our friends are hunters so filled our freezer with salmon, kokanee, elk, deer and antelope.
    Don’t forget your hunting license, boning knife, ax, tool kit, first aid kit, 2 pr. gloves, wooly socks, Redwing boots with steel reinforced toes, wading boots, water bucket, candles, matches, radio, batteries, flashlights, toilet tissue, groceries, 2 can openers and other city trappings. You’ll need $’s for a winter roof over your head unless you can get your one-room cabin built – $12,000 should get you to your destination and set up. If you’re not reborn, you’ll have already died.
    See maps to travel from Portland via Stayton / Scio area to Marion Forks, Sisters, (pop. 900) via Redmond to Prineville, (pop. 9,500) Canyon City (pop. 675) – notice altitudes.


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