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Im sick of all this poisioning in our foods such as aspartame and flouride, what can I do?

I know there’s not much I can do but Im so angry at these organizations. Steroids can harm you, they banned them. McDonald’s harms people more than steroids I think. I also think there’s a conspiracy about aspartame, yes I know its been approved by the FDA after they got their NEW “boss” and after hiring another staff to make the vote 3-3, they tested it on monkey babies and 5 of them had seizures and 1 of them died. Fluoride “detoxifies” our pineal gland, WHICH IS SO IMPORTANT, they put it in our water because it cleans our teeth but there hasn’t been strong Evidence for that. Im so angry what can I Do?


  1. 1) fluoride does clean your teeth. it is in almost all brands of toothpaste.
    2) Buy organic. Whole foods is a great example of a grocery store in which organic foods can be bought that do not contain additives.
    3) Stop eating out…
    hope it helps

  2. “also think there’s a conspiracy…..” you have no idea.
    We are trained to think of conspiracy’s as ridiculous and dumb… Do you think that could be a conspiracy?
    Most definitely.
    Majority of the common people don’t realize where this world is going.
    anyways, hope I helped 🙂
    oh ya, what can you do? well… first take some deep breaths, and read the answers below : )

  3. you can do 2 things:
    1) Don’t eat fast foods
    2) Don’t drink water with fluoride added
    It’s common knowledge that fast food is bad for you, regardless of aspartame. It’s fattening, greasy, and downright unhealthy. People know this (or at least should) and should eat Mickey D’s or BK in moderation.
    Water with fluoride is good for your teeth. It’s what dentists use to clean them, and that’s been so for the last 20 + years. Again, good for you, but in moderation.
    Vitamin C is good for you too, but you can overdose and die from it.

  4. Go organic; but if you feel like eating a completely organic diet is too expensive – then start by switching to the organic foods that are considered to be the most critical (dairy and eggs for example). You should be able to pull a larger list off of the internet.
    Steer clear of fast foods – and only purchase foods that have a limited number of simple ingredients.
    The easiest thing to remember is this – if it’s in the ingredients, and you can’t pronounce it (or don’t know what it is) then don’t eat it!


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