I'm really into wiccan magick and chakra. Do you know of any sites where I can go to for more info?






  1. I’m also with Crystal Dophin on this. Wicca is a religion, not a hobby. And if the fact that you’re “really into” it is supposed to tell us you’ve been doing this a while, the fact that you are looking for web sources strongly suggests otherwise.

  2. I agree with crystal dolphin… Wicca is an entire religion- to practice Wiccan magic you basically have to make a commitment to the Wiccan deities. There are easier ways to get into magic.

  3. Sorry, but the words “into Wicca”, or in your case, “into wiccan magick” make me cringe a little and are usually a dead giveaway about what one believes Wicca is.
    Wicca is more than just magick. It is a spiritual path for one that reveres Nature and has a relationship with God and Goddess. It is a lifestyle and life-long commitment, not something I am “into”. Some Wiccans practice magick and some do not. If it is only the magick you are interested in, then it is Witchcraft you are more likely interested in, not Wicca.
    Either way, I highly recommend that you read the book “When, Why…If” by Robin Wood which discusses ethics of magick – that is the first and foremost thing any practitioner should learn.
    And below are a couple of websites where you can learn more about what you seek.

  4. pick up a copy of christopher penczak’s ‘magick of reiki’. it combines wicca, reiki, and chakra work. i don’t care for his writing style, but this book is a good resource for the wiccan healer.

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