I'm preparing travel guide test,and I need native speaker to help me to correct these sentences?

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Are they have any mistakes?
“What good qualities should a guide have?
1.Good character: a guide should have a high political consciousness,sincere love heart,obey the social ethics and the law and respect-work spirit.
2.Profound knowleage:inlcuding language,histrical,geography and art,policy and code,psychology,society,traveling and international knowledge.
3.Strong ability:including carrying out the policy and explaining the publicity in detail independently,the ability organizing and co-ordination.Vivid work method,be good at deal with every kinda person,analyzing solving and handling trouble independently.
4.High skill:including operation skills and intelligence skills.
5.Healthy body:including healthy body,the equilibration of mentality and healthy mind.
6.Dignified appearance.”

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Mary Mouse

For a start, try to write more simply. It is very dense, with lists of long words. You are trying to cram too much in to each sentence. The result is that the whole text is very difficult to understand.
I’m afraid you need more than help in correcting this. In my opinion you need someone to write it for you.

Amy A

This is how it should read:
I’m preparing TO TAKE A travel guide test, and I need A native speaker to help me to correct these sentences.
Are THERE any mistakes?
“What good qualities should a guide have?
1.Good character: a guide should have a high political consciousness, A sincere lovING heart, SHOULD obey the social ethics and the law, and respect-work spirit (I don’t know what you mean by respect-work spirit).
2.Profound knowLEDGE: inlcuding language, HISTORY, geography, art, policy and code, psychology, society, travel… and A GENERAL international knowledge.
3.Strong ability: including carrying out the policy and explaining PUBLICLY, INDEPENDENTLY, AND IN DETAIL, the ability TO organize and coordinate. It also includes a vivid (VIVID is not the right word. I don’t know what you’re trying to say though.) work method, being good at dealING with MANY KINDS OF PEOPLE, and analyzing, solving, and handling DIFFICULT SITUATIONS independently.
4.High skill:including operationAL skills and intelligence.
6.Dignified appearance.

Carrie S

You used a translation software for this – it’s complete rubbish! I’ll try and sort it out.
What good qualities should a guide have?
1. Good character: a guide should have a high political awareness, be legally responsible and have a good work ethic.
2. Must have knowledge of: the local language, the local history, the geography of the area, local art, local customs and travel. A knowledge of international affairs would also be useful.
3.Job Description: Carrying out your work independently and dealing with a wide range of customers. Must be good at dealing with many different situations and to explain the marketing in detail.
4. Smart appearance required.
The bit about being clever and healthy is really weird. You would never find that in a job description in the UK – in fact you might get sued over it as it could be seen as discrimination. Are you Japanese or Chinese by any chance? It sounds like something you would get there about healthy bodies and minds.


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