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I’m planning to buy my first tarot deck, how do I “resonate” with the right deck?

Many people are telling me that I can sense the right deck but so far, I have been to many stores and saw many decks for sale but I don’t think I actually found “the deck”. Does that mean I am not ready to buy one?
Whoa…I don’t think I would want to steal anything.

I just want to know how it feels when you find the right deck for you.


  • For those that are having trouble finding the “right” deck many advanced readers suggest the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. I do as well as there are pictures on all of the cards, and most decks printed after them are based on them. There are only two decks printed that I suggest getting as many of the others are mere clones (except some that are made larger or smaller). My favorite is the one with The Magician on the front–but there are some larger and smaller versions with that on the front as well. But I also like the “Original Rider Waite Tarot Pack.” But again, my favorite is the one with the Magician on the cover and was the first version to be printed by US Games. Here are two links to show you, but the first one is my favorite.



    I also suggest a good book when starting out, and anything by Mary K. Greer is great. However, I do suggest the book “Power Tarot” because it puts the definitions into different categories (i.e. romance, work, finances, etc.) and also includes many spreads as well.


    Hope that helps!

  • My first deck I did not resonate with it. I just picked it for the pretty pictures and the price. It still did the job well, because I made the deck resonate with me when I brought it home.

    After reading tarot for several years, I just recently discovered the types of decks that resonate best with me — decks with a kabbala theme.

    It might be a long time before you find “the deck” so just get what you like and work with it. Use it respectfully and your energy will be preserved when you use it.

  • For me, it was a calling and a pulsing sensation from my hand. My left is my power hand. Yours could be your right hand. You need to find out which one receives power/energy and which one makes it. I recently found out that a baby monitor can pick up the energy I am giving out from my hand. Who knew?

  • I know lots of people who have bought and used several different decks, then one day they just like the results of that particular deck. You don’t necessarily have to feel the deck, sometimes you have to work with one to know.

  • Hello

    You know your deck when you see it – it grabs you.

    It may be the colours, the images, its theme, what ever it will make you feel warm & excited!


  • How do you ‘resonate’ with the right deck??!?!!?!?!!?!?!!?!?!

    That’s like giving someone else a bite of what you are eating and asking them ‘does it taste good?’

    That’s kind of the whole point here. You can’t ‘cheat’ and ask someone else to do the work of developing your senses for you. And that is exactly what you are doing.

    When you think you’ve found a deck, buy it. If it’s not the one you were looking for, you know your ‘resonate’ meter is still in the throwing-up-baby-food stage.

  • Do not steal tarot cards! That is bad karma, and illegal.

    Now I have heard that if someone gives them to you they are suppose to work. But I know a man who bought some, who reads amazing. You should look around. The right cards will call to you when you find them.

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