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I'm new to wicca & my girls ex is also a witch&we feel black magick was done on us.Can I do a cleansing,& how?

PS: My girlfriend is not a witch & does not practice wicca, however I am a new witch. Her ex used to do bad spells on others all the time while they were together & because they broke up on bad terms, we know for sure she’s doing negative magick on us. Please help!!!!!!! Thank You. Any rituals, spells, tips, etc for a cleansing would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Just quarter an orange at dusk and at dawn. Put the quarters in the corner of your room and sleep in the center.

  2. wow its all in the belief you don’t believe and it can’t happen, not to mention it give him control over you…..kick his butt and are male Wicca called witches…? wouldn’t that be a warlock sorry the Wiccaa concept is new to me also but i still believe its al about mental control.

  3. It cannot work on you if you believe it can’t. The only thing that can hurt you is your fear. Visualise mirrors all around you facing outward, so that whatever you think is being sent you would be returned from whence it came. Intention is everything. You believe he can hurt you, he can, believe he can’t, then he can’t. Its down to you, not him.

  4. Ah I see the problem. If you are a new witch and you have a teacher the best thing you can do is tell him or her, if your teacher is local then the chances are they’ll know the people in question, or be able to ask around on the local pagan gravevine, absolutely nothing is more valuable than knowledge of the person – magically or otherwise, and your teacher will know what to do with that knowledge. ‘Know Thyself’ is a good tenet that you can look at in other ways at these times as ‘kny thine enemy’
    Other than that, then it’s a case of protection work, however don’t get hung up about it all. Don’t give them the power by being constantly terrified of ‘what might be’ if you have solid facts that they’re working against you then that is one thing, but if it’s just surmising on your part or nasty words or looks hurled at your gf by the person in question – well don’t forget the power of insinuation, what your brain can imagine they’re doing is probably far worse than anything they can actually cook up. IF it is the latter then you’ll probably be attibuting every bit of bad luck, coincidence and strange occurence to them – which is EXACTLY what they want you to think. Frankly if they are doing work agains you then they aren’t exactly brilliant witches to start with, there’s always a price and obviously laddo who was your ex’s bf hasn’t worked that one out yet. Be sure to stand clear when he does!
    I’m sorry but without knowing more about the situation I can only suggest general things. Be careful in your daily lives, don’t take stupid risks (which goes in general not just now) do some protection work. The moon is new now which is a good time to start, although full is better but you can just tailor your magic to the phases. Use visualisation, herbs, anything you wish to create a protection around the house and around you both.
    Should you care to give us more information I am sure we can come up with more specific things, HOWEVER – i’ll reiterate, do not get into the habit of attributing every little bit of bad luck that comes your way to them. Things just happen – no one is to blame and no one is ‘behind’ it. Shrug it off, smile, look after each other and above all don’t give them more power than they think they have and you’re halfway there.

  5. Just a basic shielding on the house or yourselves would stop any of that cold.
    Wicca teaches meditation, grounding, shielding and centering. Those are the basics–so you should be able to shield the house quite easily.

  6. You need to do a protection spell (and of course I don’t have any of my spell books with me to refer you to one). If you have any spell books, look it up in there, or go to a bookstore and look in the New Age section for spell books. If you don’t have the money to buy the book, just write the spell down or try to remember what it says to do. And don’t worry, karma will come back on him 10 fold if he’s practicing “black magic.” Take care.

  7. Hi,
    I recommend doing a very powerful energy technique called the Maharic Seal.It´s a 12 Dimensional protection and it can help to buffer psychic attacks.The 12 D energies from the Maharic Seal are stronger than the negative energies being thrown at you,the one using black magic is working at the astral level which is only D 4 or the 4th dimension.I recommend doing the whole technique 2 times a day,preferably in the morning and before bed.At first it will only last from about 20 min-1 hour but the more you practice it the longer it will last at once.I recommend putting up the Maharic Seal and every hour do the re-enforcement step/step 21 of the Maharic Seal procedure which only takes about a minute to do and after a while you can do this every 2-3 hours the first month or two.
    I am very psychic and energy sensitive and i have dealt with psychic attacks from negative astral entities/energy suckers,after having put up the Maharic Seal i have been able to experience instant relief from psychic pain that i´ve felt physically and also buffered psychic interference so i
    know personally that it works.If you are energy sensitive you might be able to feel the Maharic energies as you pull up your Maharic Seal.
    Here is the link for the seal…
    Best wishes! 🙂


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