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I'm making a creative space at home and want to incorporate feng shui technique, are pink walls okay?

I read that blue brings creativity and knowledge and pink is more for love and comfort, I’ve also read that pink can help creativity. Feng Shui is very confusing to me and unfortunately, I don’t have time to take a class or afford a consultant. Any help in this area is greatly appreciated!


  1. fengshui is only confusing when you do not know the fengshui methods. each method is a system of configurations that you need to use to analyze space.
    you need to understand that in fengshui nature is more powerful than man. therefore, man cannot just paint a wall red and make the space lucky – fengshui does not work like that. instead, you or someone else has to use the fengshui methods and analyze the space where you want to live. so, in a way, you do fengshui before you build a house or buy a condo unit. fengshui dont work the other way around – like make it adapt according to what you like.
    pink and blue are both nice colors. but symbolisms is not fengshui.
    so what is fengshui like? for example, you have a lot where you want to build your house. then you use the fengshui methods. for example, you pick out flying stars, which most fengshui practitioners use. then you decide which direction your front door will face – this can be based on other fengshui methods – which direction can be very auspicious to you. so you do some calculations based on the methods. when you have gotten your degree (as in 1 in 360 degrees), then you decide on the time you like to move into this house – both of these info you will use to determine which areas in your house have good energy and which areas have bad energy. when you have this chart, then you can use the good areas for living like bedroom, kitchen, etc.; while leaving the bad areas for rooms less used like garage, storage, pantry, etc. in fengshui, the more use a room, the more you activate the energy in it. so, if you randomly make a space as your bedroom, then you will activate whatever energy is in that room – this energy will be the characteristic of your life. and you cannot change until you change how you use your space/ house.
    to prove this, have you known someone who used to live in an old shabby small house, then he marries, got lucky and made a fortune while livig in that house. then just after moving to a bigger house, all of his fortunes turnaround, and he lost everything. this is fengshui in action.
    when you know the fengshui methods, the things in your life just fall into their rightful places and you live life based on how you make it to be by using the methods.

  2. Pink is a great choice!
    But you need to balance it with other colors.
    Pink is fire, so you need to choose Wood element: Green color or place
    Good luck with decorating:)

  3. Hi,
    The usage of colors is not Feng shui, it is chromotherapy, the science of colours. If you are concerned by creativity, and want to use Feng shui, you must first discover what is your personal energy number, it’s the kua number. Then with the good usage of the chinese five elements you can play with space, colour, item.
    You will find all these information on http://www.fengsuiswiss.com


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