Home Discussion Forum I'm looking for some ideas for unique vacations in America.?

I'm looking for some ideas for unique vacations in America.?

It can be anything…haunted locations, places to learn Native American shamanism…just please, something more interesting than Alaska’s glaciers, or New Orleans. I want to see something truly unique, or have an amazing experience (though not along the lines of House of 1,000 Corpses, please and thank you).
Anybody have any suggestions?


  1. Well, Alaska’s glaciers and New Orleans are two places that are most definitely original. My friend is in Alaska now. But North Carolina is a beautiful place- along with South Carolina. You can tour the history of both states. Or you can go to Pennsylvania and tour the civil war if you’re interested in that sort of thing. New York has broadway plays, L.A. has movie stars, Florida has beautiful water and beaches. I live here in NC and I used to work in Cape Hatteras NC which is the outer banks and people from all over the world go there and hang out on the beach that stretches for miles and miles. It’s really beautiful.

  2. You into the beach and camping much? Assateague Island campground is a suggestion. The Maryland side of the same island of Chincoteague that’s the Virginia side, near Ocean City, Maryland… that we wanted to go to several summers ago so some friends and myself camped out there instead of an expensive hotel. And LOVED it.
    I had assumed the wild ponies probably stayed away from the area where humans were…wrong. Some would wander right on through camp. And the small deer that were grazing on bushes behind our tent the morning I was packing up…and a few followed me to the car when they heard a potato chip bag. I didn’t even know until I turned around. lol An empty or near-empty beach in July is a plus, camping in an area behind the dunes, falling asleep to the sound of the ocean (just don’t have a thunderstorm if you only have a tent like we did! lol). On a day trip a few years ago my mother got photos of a few horses hanging out on the beach with a few people, it’s pretty cool and unique.


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