Home Discussion Forum im looking for a web site with a crystal ball.....?

im looking for a web site with a crystal ball…..?

my girlfriend was telling me about a web site with a crystal ball on it that answers any question you have… not just yes or no answers either… fully explained answers… like… full sentences…. it has something to do with like georges crystal ball or somthing like that… any one know the site??? i already tried googling it and google has nothing about it… im not sure what to search for


  1. A computer can only act on commands. It doesn’t have the ability to think for itself (except in Star Trek). A site with a crystal ball could only supply answers it had been programmed to offer, most likely by recognizing certain words (keywords) in the question put

  2. Well, it is a tough question. Even though I know crystals quite well, I have not heard of such a site. I’ll be interested in it as well. I wish it can predict the stock market.


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