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I'm looking for a religion…help me find it!?

I have never before been religious, but i recently had a religious awakening when in a carcrash a piece of glass pierced my chest and punctured my heart (i miraculously am alive).
Anyways, i am looking for a place to express my newfound religious spirit.
Some of my friends have told my Buddhism is the most welcoming/best religion to join at an older age.
But i am wondering what any of you think about christianity/judaism/islam or other religions and if they are a welcoming and spiritual way for me to start to find god
Thanks for any help i can get!


  1. bad question
    EDIT: azim what the heck did you say in your sources?
    lol im not against islam my friend
    actually im hindu which means i embrace all religions
    dont take any offense please my avatar is just political humor

  2. Buddhism, because you are not required to go out and convert everyone and it is the most peaceful one of the three major religions.

  3. Did you check under the sofa cushions? That’s where I left mine.
    Try the beliefnet.com’s belief-o-meter.

  4. XD barack osama…nice comment but i dont like your icon or your name…obviously you are against islam
    Do some research about all religions, and see which one you like best. Which religion give you a goal to strive towards, which religion is unlimited to the life of this world only ^_^ good luck on your search

  5. Look for God but stay away from religion.
    Religion has set its self up as the supreme earthly authority on two subjects that it knows absolutely nothing about, God and the afterlife. If we look at the various religions it is beyond obvious that they don’t agree about who God is. Nearly all of them claim to be the one and only correct path to God.
    The one truth that remains constant is that the definition of God that they have come up with is little more than a mirror image of the particular set of biases and prejudices of the group the religion represents. Can this be just a coincidence?
    With all of the various renderings of God by all of the different religions we can draw only a very few conclusions about God. Either God is a pathological liar who tries to be all things to all people or God is hopelessly schizophrenic. Personally I see too much beauty in the world to accept either of these conclusions.
    To me it seems far more likely that religion is just a lie that people tell about God.
    Lucky for us this lie we call religion does not effect the real God in any way.
    Love and blessings Don

  6. a quick search, find out who is telling the truth,,who was raised, and is the Living God.,.that should lead you.
    all that other stuff is work, God is not work, He is salvation, he did the workd for you.

  7. Well, Jesus said (I didn’t say it, I’m just repeating what HE said), “I am the Way; I am Truth; I am Life. Nobody comes to the Father but through Me.”
    Jesus said that He did ONLY what He saw His Father in heaven do. (No man has seen God at any time, yet Jesus SEES God and copies His behaviors, so Jesus must be something MORE than a mere man, since no MAN has seen God.) He KNEW God. He even said that He came from the very HEART of God, so He could say objectively, “When you’ve seen ME, you’ve seen the Father.”
    Furthermore, Jesus said “I am Truth.” Was Jesus telling the truth when He said that? Or was He a liar?
    Jesus also said “I am Life”, and again, “I am the bread of Life that has come down from My Father in heaven to give Life.”, and again, “I am the water of life. Whoever is thirsty, come to me, and out of his inner-most being shall flow rivers of living waters”, and finally, “I am the Resurrection and the Life. If any man believe in me, though he may die, yet shall he live again.”
    He said, “You already believe in God, now believe in me.”
    In his famous book Mere Christianity, C. S. Lewis makes this statement, “A man who was merely a man and said the sort of things Jesus said would not be a great moral teacher. He would either be a lunatic – on the level with a man who says he is a poached egg – or he would be the devil of hell. You must take your choice. Either this was, and is, the Son of God, or else a madman or something worse. You can shut Him up for a fool or you can fall at His feet and call Him Lord and God. But let us not come with any patronizing nonsense about His being a great human teacher. He has not left that open to us.”
    I strongly recommend you look into the claims of Jesus.

  8. it’s not about religion it’s about a person – Jesus Christ who died to pay the price for your sins, you are a sinner, you were born in sin – have you even done even one thing wrong in your life? all it takes is one sin to separate you from God forever? but JEsus paid the price so you would not be separated from God forever –
    but you have to trust in Him.

  9. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father, except through Him.
    Read the Holy Bible, I suggest a New Living translation. For the Bible is God’s Holy Word and if you want the truth read it.

  10. I am biased but Apostolic is the best church in the world.I would love to tell you all about it.You can read it for yourself @ upci.org.You can find answers to any questions, bible study info., and even a church in your local area. That might be more comfortable for you since I’m a stranger to you.We welcome the young/old/rich/poor.We had a muslim lady recently join our church, She came and heard the gospel preached about Jesus once! That was all it took for her.She has been there ever since. God Bless!

  11. Dedicate your life to action. Help others in your spare time, in a hospital, or an interfaith shelter, or some other project. United Way has many projects it assists. Pick one of those. Also pray for God’s guidance, We can do nothing without His help.

  12. God had a Son who had his heart pierced too.
    That Son founded the Catholic Church.
    For 2000 years, around the globe, people that love Him have kept his word even to the point of death. We welcome anyone who is interested in knowing that Son and his Father truthfully.

  13. I will only say this: if you settle for what seems comfortable, or what suits you best, you do yourself a disservice. Instead seek what is true. I would suggest that you pray to the Creator and ask him to guide you into truth. Seek him wholeheartedly and you will find him, but you must be willing to come to him on his terms or you will fail in your quest. My prayers are with you.

  14. lol Barack Osama, but no i won’t do that.
    I am a Muslim and I’ll inform you of the basics of Islam. It does not particularly matter which religion is most welcoming but which religion makes the most sense to you. Which religion has the most truth. I’d advise a very open mind and consideration of all religions.
    We, Muslims, believe in Allah (God) and only one God and he is Merciful, Most-Just, Most-Beneficent, All-Wise and All-Powerful, the Creator of everything. And that the last prophet was Mohammad SAW
    We also acknowledge and respect all the other prophets: Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Noah, etc
    We use the Qur’an (Holy Book) and Hadith (recordings of the prophet Mohammad SAW) as a guide to life
    We believe one must follow the five pillars of Islam to get into heaven :
    1) Prayer (salaat)
    2) Alms (zakaat)
    3) Pilgrimage (Hajj)
    4) Faith (Shahada)
    5) Fasting
    We believe in cleanliness. One must appear neat and clean before Allah and their brothers and sisters. Before each prayer, Muslims perform wudu, in which we wash our hands, mouths, nose, face, arms, head, ears, neck, and feet respectively.
    We believe in modesty. We believe that one must walk and talk modestly, that women should wear a hijab and cover herself well and that men should respect women and also cover themselves sufficiently
    We believe in Judgment Day when Allah will judge us based on our life
    We believe in Heaven and Hell. Not all Muslims will go to Heaven and not all non-Muslims will go to Hell because Allah is most Just
    We believe in peace
    Those are the very basics of this religion but it is much more complex than that. Try reading the Holy Qur’an and/or go to your nearest Islamic Center/mosque. They will welcome you with open arms and tell you everything you need to know. They will take the time to show you salaat (prayer) and will do whatever they can to help. After all, if you decide to convert, there will be one more Muslim brother, an addition to the Muslim Ummah.
    Also, disregard all the media propaganda and stuff. They can really mislead you.
    Anyway, there is no compulsion in Islam so i will not force you or do anything that may make you uncomfortable.
    If you need any information about Islam, just email me =)
    I will be more than glad to help

  15. Religion isn’t exactly something to pick and choose. Follow what feels right; ask yourself if you believe in the Bible and God, or if Allah makes more sense to you. If you are more thoughtful and philosophical, questioning nearly everything, then yes, you could be Buddhist. Just think about it and ask yourself what you truly believe.

  16. In shopping for a religion (or anything else for that matter), it is wise to look at all the options. Weigh the good and the bad, and determine your needs against the price (spiritual) that you would have to pay to join.
    As a good consumer, always check with the better business bureau to see the track record of any religion you are seriously looking into.

  17. All true religion comes from God. True religion, by definition, comes through revelation from God. There are many man-made religions; I don’t know how many. There are many religions that teach some truth, but rely heavily on false traditions.
    It is possible to examine the evidence for each religion and make intelligent guesses, but a guess will never equal a sure knowledge. The only way to know for sure, it to receive a personal revelation from God.
    This is the simple message of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; that God will testify to the truth with the exercise of a little faith.
    A prophet is a man who is chosen by the Lord to represent him to the world.
    Adam was the first prophet, and taught the gospel to his children. Their have been many prophets established by God to represent him down through the ages. Unless he gives up on mankind there will always be new prophets.
    When God reestablishes eternal truths through the calling of a new prophet, it is called a dispensation. There have been many dispensations, including the dispensation of Adam, the dispensation of Noah, the dispensation of Abraham, and the dispensation of Moses. The dispensation of the meridian of time was the dispensation of Christ.
    We are in the final dispensation, known as the dispensation of the fullness of times. There have been prophets and apostles on the earth since this last dispensation was opened in 1830 when Joseph Smith was instructed by God to restore the ancient church. The patriarchs holding the keys of each prior dispensation visited Joseph and conferred upon him the keys of their dispensation. Many people witnessed these events. Three people were chosen as special witnesses of the translation of the Book of Mormon. Each saw the angel Moroni who was holding the
    Book of Mormon and heard the voice of God proclaim the translation to be correct. Twelve others added their testimonies as they got to look at and thumb through the pages of the ancient record. Oliver Cowdery, Sidney Rigdom, and others saw and bore record of the angels who were sent to the earth to open this last dispensation. There have since been a long line of true prophets testifying of the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ as restored in these latter days.

  18. Ask Jesus into your heart,ask him to forgive you for all your sins,to be your Lord and Savior.Then look for a christian church .If you have the God channel watch that,God tv.com When you find the right church were there are born again christians you will find love and when you have Jesus you will have complete peace.Jesus said “I am the first and the last,no one comes to the Father (God) except through me. No you will only find true freedom and peace through Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ,he is alive,and He loves you dearly.God bless you.

  19. Do not look for a religion (it is man-made), look for faith. Ask for a personal relationship with God thru Jesus Christ.
    I suggest you get a Bible and start reading from the New Testament. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you understanding. You are alive because God has a plan for you. It is God’s perfect will that you are alive. It is Christ who saved you from the terrible consequence of that accident.
    Religion cannot save, only Jesus Christ can for He alone is God. Let God be so personal to you. He can speak to anyone and He answers prayers. He knows your needs. He loved you even though you were still in your mother’s womb. He formed you.
    You will only find the answer in Jesus Christ. He is the only God Who rose from the dead. No other god can claim to have resurrected. Jesus’ body was not found at the tomb because He is alive. He lives. He can heal, He can raise you up, He can give you peace. He can put back together all the missing pieces.
    The Lord loves you with an everlasting love. He gave Himself for you on the cross of Calvary. The salvation He offers is free. He is saying right now, “Come unto Me, all ye that are tired and heavy laden and I will give you rest.” He said, “Ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you.” Give it a try.
    He never fails. He alone is the Rock. He is merciful, kind, and good. He does not lie. His promises are true. I pray that He will speak to your heart. Make Him the Lord over your life. Make Him your friend. He will not turn His back on you. He will accept you as you are and love you unconditionally. I’ve tried it. It works. I’ve been born again since 1981 and I am so glad I let Him in. God bless you. Just speak to Him right now, be honest with Him. Tell Him what’s in your heart.
    This is genuine Christianity– being born-again as the Bible says in John 3:3 and John 3:6. No ritual involved, no changing of religions. Just a heart surrendered to the will of the Heavenly Father.
    He’s waiting for you. Call upon Him while He is near. He loves you with an everlasting love. He has no favorites. He loves everyone. His Name is Jesus.

  20. You don’t need a religion. You need a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I asked the Lord into my life years ago and He has helped me and blessed me a lot. Here are some Bible verses to look up: Romans 10:13, Romans 5:8, Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23, John 3:16. God loves you. Jesus died for your sins and rose again. Please read the New Testament. I recommend starting in the Gospel of Mark. And try visiting some churches. Pray that God will direct you to a good one. I’ll pray for you. God bless you.

  21. hi my bro
    iam a muslim and i invite u to islam not becuz i belong to it , but cuz u will find the peace of mind , tranquillity , new blood , happiness , and if u will be converted to islam u will find the truth . believe me my friend why do i lie to u ? think about , iam a muslim and normal man dont look to those who want to distort islam ? and i will tell u why u have to chose islam
    Islam…. Why?
    1. Because Islam is the religion chosen by Allah for all humanity.
    2. Because Islam is the religion of all prophets since Adam to Mohammad (Peace be upon them all).
    3. Because Islam is the religion delivered by all Messengers of Allah and Islam is the seal of all heavenly revelations, and
    4. Because Prophet Muhammad — Sallallahu alayhi wasallam — the Messenger of Islam is the last of God’s apostles, and
    5. Because The Qur’an is the last of Allah’s scriptures.
    6. Allah ta’ala (Glory be to Him) says: “Do they seek other than the Deen (Religion) of Allah? While all creatures in the heavens and on earth have, Willingly or unwillingly, bowed to His Will (accepted Islam), and to Him shall they All be brought back,” (The Qur’an 3:83) “If anyone desires a Deen (Religion) other than Islam (submission to Allah) it will never be accepted from him; and in the Hereafter he will be in the ranks of those who have lost (everything) (The Qur’an 3:85).
    Islam… for whom?
    1. For every person upon whom Allah has bestowed life and intellect.
    2. For those who can see the blessings of Allah.
    3. For those who can hear the Words of Allah.
    4. For those who can comprehend the signs of Allah.
    5. For those whose hearts are full of love and gratitude to Allah.
    6. For you, for me, and for those whose blessed hearts are open to faith.
    Islam … When?
    1. Now and always.
    2. Obey your heart’s call to faith.
    3. It is your life chance.
    4. A golden chance that might not strike your heart again.
    5. Answer Allah’s call. He summons you.
    6. “But your God is one God, submit your wills to Him (in Islam), and give the good news to those who humble themselves.” [The Qur’an 22:34].
    if u want contact me
    best regards

  22. hello….well first of all you are not looking for any thing…do you know your destiny???do you know the future???do you not seek answers on the meaning of what life is and suppose to be???well the fact is you cant….buddah said what is truth….mohhamad said what is truth… gahndi tried to find truth and purpose….did they??? JESUS says I AM THE TRUTH….because he knows the heart of man…finding a religion is not goin to help you…there are millions of religions out there can they help???i think its only logical to say that he who created you will know your purpose…thats why GOD sent his son jesus to die for our sins because he has a purpose for us all…our purpose is in the will of GOD through his son jesus christ not a religion…

  23. Look at everything. Read everything. Experience everything you can. Then, go to God within your heart, and ask God which Religion you should join. I chose God’s Eternal Universal Religion after a similar experience. You can find out about that by reading The Holy Book of Destiny. But don’t stop there. In this most important decision of your life, you must make a free choice, for which you can and will be personally responsible. http://www.maitreyathefriend.com/holybookofdestiny.htm


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