Home Discussion Forum I'm looking for a Psychic / Medium for a free reading.?

I'm looking for a Psychic / Medium for a free reading.?

I’m looking for someone to give me a free psychic reading through email or IM.


  1. free, what do you think this is? you gotta pay big $ for a reading. I am a psychic and could help you but I’m not a medium, I’m an XL.

  2. Real witches or psycics use evil spirits for their work…
    God has warned us several times not to deal with any of them…
    Deuteronomy 18
    Don’t Do Disgusting Things
    Moses said to Israel:
    9Soon you will go into the land that the LORD your God is giving you. The nations that live there do things that are disgusting to the LORD, and you must not follow their example. 10-11Don’t sacrifice your son or daughter. And don’t try to use any kind of magic or witchcraft to tell fortunes [d] or to cast spells or to talk with spirits of the dead. 12The LORD is disgusted with anyone who does these things, and that’s why he will help you destroy the nations that are in the land.

  3. It’s not that easy to read people the way that you want to do it.
    We can try if you want to try.
    I was reading about paranormal states for a while and then I went straight to this tag and thirty seconds later I read your question.
    What made you ask the question?

  4. im happy to give you a free reading,no,im not a fake,i just hate ,yes hate isa strong word,but it disgusts me, those so called psychics who charge abhorrent prices to those who genuinely need help from the spirit world.

  5. Not free but services offered, charge $1 a minute, and if your not happy with the first reading, Satisfaction Guarantee is simple: If you’re not happy with your last live psychic reading, it’s free!
    Try it…


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