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i'm looking for a forum dedicated to finding enlightenment thru evil and/or black magic. any suggestions?

by Analog_Ana:

please don’t direct me to the republican party website
no but if you know of such a thing please enlighten me … and marilyn manson and 12 year old are wonderful, but again please try not to direct me to something to immature
i have heard of cases of evil bhuddist masters and Hitler types obtaining enlightenment in the reverse direction of the light … this is what i’m interested in
the main problem is that i have learned of secret life tapping powers etc, but when i use them, i myself become easier to attack. i am looking for protection from this, as well as the evil ways of healing and longevity.
for those of you who know of the reality of these things .. you will think i have only been in the lower level planes .. in truth i have ben to the higher levels, but often am not welcome there
and energy vampires .. don’t bother me, unless you believe in taking what you want (without asking or feeling remorse)
you can read about that evil master in this book http://www.amazon.com/Occult-Tibet-Secret-Practices-Himalayan/dp/0738700673

Answer by -=braveheart=-
WOW….that is all i can say really right now.
You sound a bad biff mon.


  1. You are indeed a lost sheep. Why do you insist on taking the path of evil to attain what you seek? How can evil, which thrives only in darkness, ever give you enlightenment? It can’t! Enlightenment comes only from God, the Father of Light. I exhort you in Jesus’ name to reconsider your course and turn away from evil, before it’s too late!

  2. You seem to be very consumed with yourself. I don’t quite get the “evil” part–why would you prefer “evil” ways to do things. Does evil seem cooler, somehow? That’s sad and silly.
    Besides, if other evil people know these things, wouldn’t they be so evil that they wouldn’t like sharing?

  3. Forget Hitler – he was not enlightened by any definition of the word. He was a basket case with the right amount of charisma at the right time who obediently targeted Jews, just as so many before him did.
    You might instead look into shaktism, you may find it interesting. Or failing that, read up on Crowley.


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