I'm just curious if any here have sleep paralysis?

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There are other names for it — sleep paralysis is just one of the big ones. I even read that in Iceland they call it the “Old Hag”.
I had it at least a few times a year going back as far as I can remember. Typically you are paralyzed and either think that someone is breaking into your home or that an evil spirit is in the room with you. Mine tended more toward the latter but it was sometimes the breaking in variety. They are terrifying because they feel much more real than regular dreams.
For whatever reason, after I became a Christian, they stopped. This isn’t a loaded question though — I don’t mean to imply that those who currently have them aren’t saved or that they are only demonic in origin. I honestly don’t know.
I’m just curious if any of you have them, what your experiences have been like, and what you think they mean?
Just in case you want more info:

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Last Ent Wife

WOW, yes. I didn’t think anyone else knew about it. I was diagnosed with sleep paralysis when I was a kid.
I used to be half awake and half asleep, completely unable to move and I could hear sounds like claws scrapping at my window right next to my bed. I was paralyzed so I couldn’t move the curtain to see who was out there. My parents said it was the bush outside my window scrapping against the glass when the wind would blow, but it sure didn’t sound like that to me.
Now that I’m saved it doesn’t happen anymore thankfully! =]


I’ve never experienced anything like that.
I’m happy that you no longer do. They don’t sound pleasant.


I have experienced this 2 or 3 times in my life, mostly during stressful times. Totally weird feeling, and scary the first time.


I used to have that a lot as a kid,and a few times as an adult. I’d have a scary dream where something like a wearwolf, or usually something I couldn’t even see, was after me. I could hear its heart beat, or I could hear it breathing or something. I’d be so scared, I couldn’t yell. I’d wake myself up, and for what seemed like at least a minute, I’d still be unable to move or yell.


Wow,i used to have them occasionally when i was a christian.But then they stopped.If it weren’t for a few goofy details in some of them,who knows,i may have thought they were real experiences.Now i know better.


Well, I have been having lower leg cramping when I am asleep… And my left foot isn’t working right the last couple of days. Kinda numb.


Seep paralysis is simply where you are aware you are dreaming and cant physically move your body. Has nothing to do with evil spirits or thinking ppl are breaking. Has nothing to do with religion. Although there are old wives tales about it, this is one of them that I do not believe.
I experience this usually when I have taken benzodiazpines (sp). I have been on cancer treatment through the last 3 years and have panic attacks so I have had my fair share of this class of drugs. And while on these meds are the only time I have experienced this.
I will be aware I am dreaming, or I will be starting to wake up, and unable to will my body to move. When I finally can move, it takes a few mins of concentration.
So, in my case, it is drug induced.

Jaquot = Passionately Banal

I had this throughout my pre-teen and teenage years. Maybe once or twice a week.
Now I have it maybe once a year. I’m not scared by it anymore, but I used to be petrified. It’s a small glimpse into the world of paralysis, and that’s not something I would wish on anyone. It was a terrifying thing.


Yes, after my first child was born. She was only a few days old and I woke up, but couldn’t move. I knew what sleep paralysis is, so I knew what I had experienced, but man, was that gollum crawling around on my walls ever real. I later saw a picture of that creature posted by someone who had taken a random picture of a cave wall in the desert in Syria or somewhere in the Middle East. Creeped me right out. When the picture was processed, the creature was in it.


Yes, I use to have them as well. When my faith became stronger knowing God will protect me, in the dream I started to pray and I immediately woke up. I am a Spiritualist.

Sapere Aude

Yes, I did experience this. It was the most terrifying experience I have ever had. I thought 3 men were breaking into my home, they stood over me and watched me. I couldn’t move, and I didn’t dare allow myself to breathe….
Eventually I fell back asleep, despite the fear. However, I remembered it vividly and I just couldn’t understand. In my ignorance I thought it might have been ghosts.
Then I heard of sleep paralysis, and it was describing everything that I had felt. It happened 20 years ago, and the memory is like it was last night. Now I know, what it truly was.
Just like I always say, just because you don’t have the answer “now” doesn’t mean you won’t find it later. Save conclusions for after you have received your facts.

16-year-old Christian

I didn’t know that it had a name. I have had those in the past, but not as frequently.
When I was very little I would imagine some very weird things; things that I would probably get off of a movie (I watched a lot of horror films back then).
I do remember this one time when I thought I heard the back door of my house open, and I thought I heard someone enter into my room (I was probably imagining this too, but I thought that someone was breathing on me while I was under the covers of my bed). Truly frightening, but it probably happened to me because I was alone in my house.
There are some other factors that could possibly contribute to the paralysis. I won’t give too much detail as to what they were, but it’s good to know that Jesus can break the malignant chains that we have.

Darth Cheney

It’s happened to me several times (and will probably keep happening). I’m an atheist. It doesn’t mean anything to me. My dreams are usually about trying to help somebody, but not being able to move.
As I’ve said, it means nothing. There’s probably a physiological cause to it. I don’t really care.
Don’t remember the last time it happened, though. It’s been quite a while.
I also have another sleep disorder. It might or might not be related to sleep paralysis. It doesn’t affect my life much, so I haven’t researched it.

squirt AM

When I lived in the desert it happened to me a lot. I vaguely remember a severe, sharp pain in my left nostril and up into my sinuses. This year I went to a specialist for my sinuses. The left nostril is almost totally blocked by a deviated septum. I didn’t break my nose until this fall. This happened when I was a teen. When the doctor ran a numbing medicine up my nostril I instantly remembered the pain. It feels like something is lodged in there and my septum is holding/hiding it up in there. I had not thought about, or remembered that pain up until then. The pain is associated with the paralysis.

Megs VT

I know what you mean, I have had that happen to me a few times. Maybe they stopped for you because you are currently at ease in your life, mentally and emotionally. Having a religion that suits you can relieve a great many stressors from your life.


I have it, and yes its scary no matter who you are, but im sorry to say that finding God wont help you, it is caused by your body releasing hormones too early. Usually during REM sleep ur body releases hormones that parilyze you, so you dont act out your dreams and hurt yourself, but for people like us the hormone is released too early and we are still conscious while it happens, or we wake up into it, all of us know how to snap out of it but yet we cant describe how we do it, im glad that u feel better about it but its hereditary so all we can do is live with it.

Rai A

Suspect I have, several times when I was on night duty. I wasn’t frightened, but I was able to repeat conversations that took place when I was supposedly snorning.
Spirtuality had nothing to do with it. it’s a state of mind.
& BTW I agree with some key Wikki points. I’ve long thought it was the cause of the medieval cases of being “Hag Ridden” & current ones related to UFO abductions.

7 of 9

I was awake when I had it, so I knew it was the demon succubus, and not sleep paralysis. It held me down one night and I swore at it, the next time, it held me down and then shut my mouth. I wasn’t attacked after that. i was wiccan then. It scared my voodoo housekeeper more, she use to turn a broomstick upside down and hope that the demons in the house would leave her alone.


I used to have those experiences quite frequently when I was young; it extended through my teens and early twenties. Then they suddenly went away when I was about 22-ish. I have a feeling it’s because I finally understood *why* I was having them and, through sheer force of will, I broke their power over me.

Rhythm Hive

Yes!! I had one last year for the first time, and I am saved. It was strange and I was trying to scream too and the “demon” was holding my tongue down so I couldn’t.
Bizzairre ( i prob. spelled that wrong, hee hee!)
how did i get a thumbs down for telling what happened to me? I don’t get it!


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