Im interested in tantra but dont have a regular partner….how important is sex for spiritual development?

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I’m in early twenties and honestly look at sex as a way to better understand yourself and be more in touch with yourself and others. The problem is that I kinda struggle with depression and lack energy alot, but when I do have more energy than normal…..I like to be around people in take in the atmosphere in general….like enjoying life and stuff. But when I get around a woman that I find attractive I usually get a sexual urge and then I play on it, just to see where it goes. Being depressed and recently recovering from anxiety has hindered other abilities that most take for granted like socializing being able to establish proper relationships. I’m pretty much a loner…and don’t mind, but want to be able to experience life more fully and the closest I usually come to that is when I feel highly energized, and to a certain degree when some women that I pass by who are strangers….kinda somewhat connect. Hopefully this stuff doesnt sound like bull….but I’m being honest and want to grow and develop and connect, but I honestly believe the only way to do that is with love you get from someone….or the spiritual connection you experience with others….this helps you yourself to feel more connected with life and helps you to feel more uninhibited…which helps you to have a more fulfilled life.
I’m inexperienced and have had few partners, but my sense for wanting to connect (via sex) exchange energy, get to know my own energy and connect with life more is pretty great. I honestly believe that depression throws this off.
It’s like I know where I wanna go…I just don’t know how to get there.
Thanks ahead of time
So, while Tantra is associated with sexuality, it is essentially a merging with oneness, using the physical plane as the launch pad. We indeed create our own reality says Tantra, and this reality can be in the here and now–in the body through the Tantric orgasm. While it is possible to study Tantra for years, learning technique, meditations, and nuances, of the Tantric lifestyle, the very essence of Tantra assumes you already have all the knowledge to become enlightened immediately.
Here’s a quote…I’m being serious, this is something that I think about and believe in……I don’t need ignorant muthafcku’s badmouthing me, if you know…you know. If you don’t, dont answer….simple as that and keep it movin.
Thanks to any serious answerers.

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ask God

.... ⏈aav

Do Tantra with yourself.


ask god……..slut.


Don’t acknowledge the depression unless its so severe that its clinical.
Mental health is part of overall health in general, but most people don’t realize it.
Sex is just a component in spiritual development if you’re in a relationship.
To the contrary, you may be able to concentrate more on spiritual growth if you’re not having sex.
So it really doesn’t matter.
Let me give you a tip:
The Universe doesn’t understand “No, Don’t, Stop, etc.”
The more you confirm that you’re depressed, inexperienced and lack energy, the more you’ll be that way.
Trust me.
Good luck!


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