Home Discussion Forum I'm interested in learning about Tarot cards. Where should I start?

I'm interested in learning about Tarot cards. Where should I start?

For example, is there a certain deck I should start with. A certain book I should read?


  1. just browse some different decks. The ones that “call” to you the most are the ones to get.
    though, there are beginner decks that instructions.
    Just learn the general meanings of the cards, then learn their meaning in a certain position. (There are different layouts.)

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  3. Tarot cards were intended to work as a card game similar to Spades and Euchre. Contrary to popular belief, the Tarot was not originally intended as a divination tool. The Tarot was originally used for a type of card game still played today in many European countries. While the Tarot first appeared in 15th century Italy for use as a game, it was after the 18th century following the influence of an Antoine Court de Gebelin that the cards became popular as a divinatory tool. Although there exisited an earlier form of Tarot divination in 18th century Bologna Italy, most of the popular divinatory meanings in use today are derived from the French cartomancer Etteilla.


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