I'm interested in finding out more about Tantra but when i look it up all i find are articles about sex. Help?

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I know that Tantra is a lot more than longer orgasms and better sex. It’s an indian spiritual tradition and i want to find out more about the entire thing, not just the sex bits. could someone help me out with some links or something?
jsyk, I’m not a prude or anything, i don’t require a censored website, i just want to find out about the entire thing. Thanks!

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I Change My SN Too Often

Most of the so-called “Tantra” in the West is really Neo-Tantra: a Western re-interpretation of traditional Tantra, emphasizing the sexual aspects outside of the whole system.
If you actually want to learn about real Tantra as it’s practiced in India, you should start with the Tantras themselves, the actual texts which are the source of these doctrines.

Great Gazoo

Yeah..that’s mostly what it is. They have ritual sex in their churches.
I could post links to photos of said churches, but the relief sculpture they are covered with would probably be considered pornography by Yahoo.


The family has an advantage in the first eight years of a child’s life. In those protected years, because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, Satan’s use of the mists of darkness to hide the path to return home is blocked. In those precious years the Lord helps families by calling Primary workers to help strengthen children spiritually. He also provides holders of the Aaronic Priesthood to offer the sacrament. In those sacramental prayers, the children hear the promise that they may someday receive the Holy Ghost as a guide if they are obedient to God’s commandments. As a result, they are fortified to resist temptation when it comes and then, sometime in the future, to go to the rescue of others.
Many bishops in the Church are inspired to call the strongest people in the ward to serve individual children in the Primary. They realize that if the children are strengthened with faith and testimony, they will be less likely to need rescue as teenagers. They realize that a strong spiritual foundation can make the difference for a lifetime.
We all can help. Grandmothers, grandfathers, and every member who knows a child can help. It doesn’t take a formal calling in Primary. Nor is it limited by age. One such woman, as a younger person, was on the Primary general board that helped create the CTR motto.
She never tired of serving the children. She taught in the Primary of her ward, at her own request, until she was almost 90 years old. Little children could feel her love for them. They saw her example. They learned from her the simple principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And above all, because of her example they learned to feel and recognize the Holy Ghost. And when they did, they were well on their way to the faith to resist temptation. They would be less likely to need to be rescued and would be prepared to go to the rescue of others.
I learned the power of simple faith in prayer and in the Holy Ghost when our children were small. Our oldest son was not yet baptized. His parents, Primary teachers, and priesthood servants had tried to help him feel and recognize the Spirit and know how to receive His help.


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