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I'm initiated to Reiki I,is it normal for me to feel other people's chakra's without touching them?

I think it happens from time to time especially when I’m close to them,especially in a dialogue…Well…May that be true you think?Can I be feeling their chakras when our bodies close??
The last time I thought I felt a great preasure on someone ‘s 2nd and 4rth chakras.What does it mean??
Thank you.


  1. You need to go to a person who knows about these things, on the web most of the time you will either get a wrong info or misleading info.

  2. It is actually quite common for anyone (even those who do not have any training) to feel energy without physically touching another person. We just don’t refer to them as chakras. We just sense things as “heavy/light”, “cold/warm”, etc.
    Imagine putting your hands just above a hot water bottle. We feel heat (which is a form of energy).
    You are probably more sensitive than others that’s all and it’s alright.
    Check with your Reiki Master about the 2nd and 4th chakra release. I’m not too sure what it means.

  3. What degree of Reiki are you initiated into? To feel the chakras you need to be a Reiki grandmaster. It is not easy to ‘feel’ chakras. What you are experiencing perhaps is the aura, the energy levels of the person with whom you are interacting. When you pass your hands over the chakras, you may feel a tingle or a change in the energy levels. But it does not indicate what problems the person has. You can help the person in balancing the “damaged” chakra and restore it.
    Let me give you an example.
    You meet a perfect stranger. You either like him or you hate him by just looking at him. WHY? It must have happened to you very often. Have you ever given a thought why this happens? The person you liked may not be a good one, or the person you hate for no reason may not be a bad person at all. Then why is this feeling?
    The main reason is not the chakras but the aura. Every person exudes an aura around him. When you come in contact with that aura, it interacts with your own aura and then the emotions and the intense feeling of like and dislike sets in. I hope I am very explicit.
    You may have to contact a Reiki Grandmaster and discuss things with hi/her about your reactions with people and their energy levels. You may get a breakthrough in it.

  4. Yes. I am a master Reiki teacher and I can tell you that once you get used to feeling the energy, you can even reach the point of knowing what a specific illness feels like. For instance, the energy of cancer feels different than the feeling of artheritis. The more you practice the more you learn what specific things feel like. Its absolutely amazing.
    For more info. or if interested in continuing to learn Reiki, visit http://www.self-healingexpressions.com
    Hope this helps

  5. I am no master and not educated in Reiki yet but I have been practicing Ti Chi for a while and I do know that every thing and everyone is energy even thoughts are energy and with practice we are highly capable of reading others thoughts. This is also what makes prayer and meditation so affective. Some people are more in tune with the energy quite likely older souls and some souls have more of a bent for healing others energy. could be that is your specialty. I do know that everyone has a unique energy with unique capibilities. I for one have had many phenominal occurances in my life that I have yet to find someone with similar quantums but through constant searching I have also discovered many truths as well. Faith of a mustard seed is also quantum physics or the science of possibilities. Just remember that the only stupid question is the one that you dont ask even when it is purely for entertainment or to relieve a boring day like so many on this site are. May you have a productive search and journey


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