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Im having migraine auras all day everyday. Any OTC medications that are good for this?

I rarely get the headache . i just have the aura almost everyday ! its really unconfortable.
hey alex are you trying to kill me !


  1. okay this is my secret and dont do it more than once in a day but it works.. TAKE 3-4 ibuprofen that are 200 mg each so your taking about 600 to 800 mg. THEn take one tylenol it will cure it in like 10 mins i promise.. Hope this helps

  2. In most cases those medications (any) don’t do squat. =( . It seems there is no real cure for this, just ride it out I guess. Go to sleep, in a dark, fresh room. You know what used to work for me sometimes. Right as soon as you see the aura beginning, when it’s still small, down a nice ice cold Soda, preferably Coke, and most of the times it would go away, avoiding the headache as well. Something else that would work for me is rubbing just a dab of “heat lotion” on your forehead when the aura is barely showing, and before you know it, it disappears.

  3. So, if you’re describing this right:
    You have regular visual aura, but do NOT experience migraine pain accompanying it the majority of the time.
    If that’s the case, that’s a serious neurological condition, and needs to be evaluated by a doctor immediately. It is not something you can deal with yourself, or with OTC medications. This could be extremely serious.


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