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Im going to the Incubus concert but i dont know what to wear!?

Tonight I am going to the Incubus concert but i still have no idea what to wear… I want to look really cute and a little bit sexy(not trashy or skanky though) but i dont have any ideas! I need some help, any ideas?


  1. i would wear an Incubus shirt and some skinny jeans and black flats…
    if you don’t already have an Incubus shirt, then buy one from the concert and put it on.

  2. the key to sexy and not trashy is to pick out one thing to show off–like, a little halter top and pants, or a short skirt and tee or long sleeves.
    for a show, my usual pick is low cut jeans, boots (don’t want toes to get trampled!) and a little top (preferably something i’ve ripped up and put back together myself). I stick with dark colors (its a concert, work it!) lots of bracelets, and a thick, punky belt.
    wear your hair down so you can swing it all around, and go a little heavier than usual on eyemakeup, and you’ll be golden!
    also, please do NOT wear an incubus shirt! everyone knows the people who wear band shirts to see the band are losers.

  3. The last thing you want to wear is a Incubus band shirt. It shows that you are obsessed like wayyyy to much. But you also don’t want to wear something to flashy or somthing sexy as you said, because you are not going to be the main attraction of the show. You and lots of other people will be watching the band or whatever play. So I would suggest wearing something like this:
    Shirt- http://wetseal.com/productdetail.asp?mi=1000&size=&style=38518263&color=100&token=
    Shorts- http://wetseal.com/productdetail.asp?size=&dpt_id=7&mi=1210&style=38258701&token=
    Shoes- http://wetseal.com/productdetail.asp?mi=1700&size=&style=38549274&color=660&token=
    This is a really cute outfit….and the shirt is soo cunny if you know the song “Party Like a Rockstar” by Shop Boyz.

  4. Wear a pair of your casual jeans (Not ripped or dirty) and if you have a white cami or some kind of tank top, wear that first. If you don’t have an Incubus shirt, then buy one at the concert and be sure to bring a thin hair tie. Once you get it, put it on and fold up the Incubus shirt, revealing the cami underneath. Don’t fold it up too high, otherwise it’s going to look really trashy. Just fold it up so it’s a centimeter above your belly button. Then, use a thin belt that matches to put it over the cami. Then, slip on a pair of flats and maybe some wristbands if you have any. Some other Incubus accessories you can buy at the concert would be good too. I’ve gone to an Incubus concert before. They are so a.w.e.s.o.m.e!


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