I'm fairly new to Wicca, do I have to practice magick?






  1. They are 2 different things. Magic (I won’t add the K because that is ~ to me ~ a bit snobbish) is a craft which does not require religion, just herbs, essential oils, and spells. A witch can be any religion he or she wants. Wicca is a polytheistic religion (though many differ on this idea) Ritual is not magic. it is doing something over and over again, sometimes formally and sometimes informally usually in honor of someone or something. Hope this helps.

  2. No, you can limit yourself to study and practice of various aspects of the craft such as herbology, astrology, or aromatherapy and the art of perfumes. I would also say you could limit yourself to just the religious aspects of Wicca but almost all spiritual rituals are magical in nature. Christians practice magic every time they perform the mass or take communion.

  3. Well, first of all, welcome 🙂
    Second, no, you don’t. I don’t get to practice much due to school and stuff.
    Blessed be )O(

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