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I'm doing a project on weddings for Paganism and Taoism. Can you help me find some information?

I wrote this question eariler and i was told that i was being to broad about paganism. I’m aware that Paganism is an umbrella term, like Christianity, but I just need a general overview. I especially need help on Taoism so far I haven’t come up with a thing. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your answers!


  1. The reason why you can’t find anything about weddings and Taoism is because Taoism isn’t a very administrative religion. It does not tell you how things should be done. There are no rituals outlined in the Tao Te Ching, it is mostly about living with wisdom and compassion and going with the flow. It isn’t a religion that dictates how such personal things should be done.
    A Taoist is most likely to have a wedding ceremony that reflects local culture and their personal preferences and symbolisms. I’m a Taoist, for example, and my wedding included me in a white dress walking down the aisle by myself (since I belong to myself), some poetry and sentimental readings by a justice of the peace, my attendents being men since they were my best friends, a unity candle, your basic standard reception banquet and the throwing of rice as we rode off in a horse-drawn carriage.
    A Taoist wedding in China would likely follow traditional Chinese customs.
    Pagans make their own customs, but one I’ve seen is a ribbon or silk rope entwined around the joined hands of the couple (handfasting), invokation of whatever deities the pagans worship, and preference was to have the wedding out of doors as close to nature as possible.

  2. School? My kids always used these materials,
    & got good grades,& nice comments from the teachers.
    Watchtower Society prints material, books,
    specifically regarding these issues.
    Being informative and non-biased,humanly.
    ( i.e. God doesn’t approve of all religions).
    But u can get good 411.
    Including history,origins etc..
    1 book is titled “Mankind’s Search For God”…
    It even has a world map, w/ a color key showing world distribution of religions.
    Tribal Religions.
    Taoism & Confucianism–A Search for Heaven’s Way
    Chpt7, p.161;
    Christianity–Was Jesus the Way to God? Chpt10, p.235;
    Islam–The Way to God by Submission Chpt12,p.284
    Paganism, I don’t have n/e material right now, right in frt of me, but, the 411 is available.

  3. I was Handfasted.
    The two books we used to help us write the ritual were:
    Handfasting & Wedding Rituals
    by RavenKaldera & Tannin Schwartzstein
    A Practical Guide
    by Mary Neasham
    We wrote the actual ritual together and used these books to help us. They are both wonderful. I hope they will help you in your quest!
    Lady Mahogany Rose StarDragon


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