Home Discussion Forum Im doing a project on the negative effects of energy drinks?

Im doing a project on the negative effects of energy drinks?

The topic is How do Energy Drinks effect Heart Rate. I know it increases it, but what are some other negative effects even other that heart rate changes? Thanks. And dont worry. You’re not doing my homework for me. This is only for background info.


  1. Well just because energy drinks raise the heart rate does not make that a negative effect.
    Most of the bad effects from energy drinks result from using too many or not from drinking enough water.
    People talk about the crash but that is only from the sugars and only if not properly hydrated. Caffeine dehydrates us so if we do not drink enough water to offset this then we feel the sugar crash or it is even intensified if we are dehydrated enough. With plenty of water in our system the caffeine, taurine, B vitamins, and other stimulants take over where the sugar lets off and the sugar crash is not even noticed.
    All of the makers, including those of healthy energy drinks suggest against having more than 2 in a day. It is not just becuae of the caffeine. It is because of the total amount of all of the stimulants in them. That much will keep your heart rate up and keep your brain and body going wven when you need to rest and sleep. That is when they can get dangerous.
    Regular ones are worse then healthy ones. The sugars provide a lot of carbs and calories. Plus there are not many B vitamins in regular energy drinks yet they are essential for energy. Caffeine also depletes us of B vitamins and the ones in regular energy drinks either replaces what was removed or very little more so the are not very effective. Healthy energy drinks put in a bunch more B vitamins to not only offset what is lost but to give us energy. Plus healthy ones also have caffeine free versions too.


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