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Im doing a expo on telepathy and would like to know if u believe in telepathy or not?


  1. Very few people are familiar with this concept so it would be wront to ask the masses. Only those who have tried it or knows something about it should answer.

  2. I dont believe there is such a thing as telepathy i’ve researched on ways to do it and have experimented but with no luck and I was concentrating hard enough its either that or I guess I am not one of those “Gifted People”.

  3. I know this for a fact:
    If you look at probability distribution charts (in any statistics book), design a sample of cards with letters, numbers or signs and ask a group of people to “concentrate” and take turns visualizing the cards and trying to “read” from the other persons mind the correct answer, it is easy to have more succesfull guesses than those that probability could blame on pure chance. Therefore, anyone can prove statistically that we all have the capacity to manifest some form of telepathy or thought projection.

  4. Hello,
    Although I have never seen any exhibition of telepathy, I have read something very interesting about it. Check this extract from the book I read it from…
    The young Israeli wonder worker Uri Geller one morning in the summer of 1974 in the office of a London business tycoon. The meeting had been arranged with a view on a film about Geller’s life. Uri, a good looking but seemingly quite ordinary young man, appeared to be a little nervous or preoccupied. He chatted briefly, after which he went to lunch at a nearby restaurant. He sat at a table in the corner and when he had ordered, he offered to try to demonstrate his power, but said, “I dont know if it will work. Sometimes it doesnt.”
    he bagan with an experiment in telepathy…
    Uri handed me (the writer) one of the restaurant cards on the table and, turning away, asked me to make a drawing on its blank side. A sketch of a creature was made. Uri was staring across the restaurant and could not have watched without having been seen to do so by the secretary. He covered the card with his hand and turned back to the table and took another card. A minute went by with no result. Uri shook his head, “it seems very complicated, is it a kind of amoeba?”
    Slowly and hesitantly, he drew the creatures right ear and then completed the figure quickly…
    Uri then did other deeds like causing a spoon to bend by stroking, he made the watch turn back 2 hours etc etc… But I am limiting it to telepathy, to keep within the context of your question.
    Sometimes, even I have seemed to exhibit telepathic powers. For example, once the principal entered our class and she did not even look at me. But I somehow knew she would say “where is Chaos (not my real name)” and that is exactly what she said. That might be coincidence, but there is another such incident.
    Once, I had lost a Harry Potter book. I was shocked and asked all my friends but every1 said that they did not have it. That night, I dreamt that one of my friend was saying “Chaos, I found your book, it was with me all along.” and the other day, this is exactly what he said, in exactly the same manner as I had seen in my dream. Maybe when I was depressed at the loss of my book, my mental facilities were heigthened and I could “connect” with my friend through telepathy….


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